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Apr 30 17 11:34 AM

Plasticbrains people often have a strong interest in optimization. Once they come up with a set of rules and goals, they will often try to optimize for their goals within their rules. Again, this probably explains their affinity for programming.

Yep, that's me.  Totally.  I'm retired now, but my career was in programming.  I'm constantly looking for the best, most efficient way to do things and the principles behind them, whether it be cooking, yardwork, or arranging my space.  My degree was in philosophy, so I also fit the description of someone who has a fairly well-considered system of ethics & politics.  And I often feel the anxiety that comes with situations where I don't know the rules.

Autodidact, check.  Highly sensitive to bright lights and loud noises, check (I'm an "HSP".)   So many checkmarks, it's like one of those uncannily-accurate horoscopes...

Very interesting article.  Thanks for posting the link! 

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Apr 30 17 12:48 PM

Very interesting article. I'm not completely sure, am I plasticbain or not, but most of described traits fits me well. Interests in optimizations, axiom-based political beliefs, lots of intellectual interests, which can change a lot. Continuous failed attempts to figure out rules of social interaction. Aversion to phone calls, it's me. It also can be, that programming shaped my brain in such way.

What is amazing, is that in such relatively small and more or less clearly described group of people we can find high amount of variations of gender and sexuality. Something like "Throw four dices, they will describe who you are. Throw another three, they will describe to whom and in what way you will be attracted". For this part I'm sure, it's not a result of my career choice.

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May 14 17 6:30 AM

Strangely enough my best friend who is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist was mentioning the idea of Plasticbrains to me the other day so it was very interesting to find a linked article here. I certainly think I see some of myself particularly the optimization part and the engrossing and obsessive interests but not everything applies. 

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May 14 17 10:10 AM

Re-reading the linked article this morning I was surprised that in my first reading I had missed the humor of it, being so hot on the trail of recognizing myself in its descriptions. I still see myself in it but now it's in a self-mocking light, like one of the skits on "Portlandia".

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