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i love this book.  I have read it TWICE.  It is filled with ideas about growing up as a transgender person.

The main character in this book, Maria, works at a large bookstore in New York.  She is sleepwalking through her life until one day her lover tells her that she had an affair.

This is the excuse Maria uses to change her life.  She quits/gets fired from her job, steals her lover's car, leaves New York, and goes west.

She stops in a place called Star City, Nevada and meets a young man/boy working at a Walmart.  He immediately recognizes her as a Transgender woman, and she recognizes him as Transgender as well.

She tries to help him but in the end, he runs back to his life as an unhappy boy.

I love this book for all of the ideas discussed.  I was not troubled by Maria interactions with the boy.  At the end of the book, I felt that he was a bad person.

Other reviewer have seen Maria as very selfish and fault her for harming the young man.  I love the book because I completely indentify with Maria's experience growing up Transgender in a world without role models. 

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One of the many things I liked about the book is that she presents two crossdreamers, as you point out. One remains in the closet, while the other transitions. But Imogen Binnie makes it very clear that there isn't that much that separates them. They both have their strenghts and they both have their faults, as we all do in real life.

I should probably add that I also like the way she really tears the autogynephilia theory apart:

“There is this dumb thing where trans women feel like we all have to prove that we’re totally trans as fuck and there is no doubt in our minds that we’re Really Truly Trans. It comes from the fact that you have to prove that you’re trans to psychologists and doctors……and there are these…boxes you need to check: I have only ever been attracted to men, I have never fetishized women’s clothes or done anything remotely kinky, I have never been sexual with the junk I was born with.Pretty much you have to prove that you’re totally normal and straight and not queer at all, so that if they let you transition you will be a normal het woman who doesn’t freak anybody out, and so we often, as individuals, internalize these things, and then we, as a community, often reinforce them.All of which is relevant specifically because you are supposed to have known you were trans since you were a tiny little baby.Maria didn’t though."

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