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I love this book.  It is about catagorized as a crossdresser's memoir, but it is really a book about a crossdreamer.  

The story follows Richard Novic/Alice Novic as she negotiates life as a student and then a medical doctor. While living her straight life, she explores a secret life as a crossdreamer.  She gets involved with the Tiffany Club in Boston and Tri-Ess in Chicago. She learns make-up, hair care, and dressing.  She experiments with gay sex, but she decides that she wants to have a life with a wife and children.  

Eventually, she moves to Los Angeles and starts visiting the old Queen Mary bar.  (I think that I met her there!)  Alice marries a woman, and she is able to have a secret life as a crossdreamer with a boyfriend. 

I love the story because Alice is able to love herself enough to demand and acheive happiness as a crossdreamer.  

The book feels a bit dated now.  It was first published in 2009, but I think that it is still worth reading.

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Apr 30 17 5:58 AM

I agree, Alice in Genderland is a very interesting book, and I strongly recommend it. And you might like to know that Alice has also been in touch with the crossdreamer community. I have had some good discussions with her.

If you are interested you can read my interview with her over at my blog: Autogynephilia, Bisexuality and Mr. Opportunity - the Alice Novic Interview. (Part 2 of the interview ended up as a report from her talk with Ray Blanchard).

One of the many intersting (and controversial) points she raises is the idea that "transfans" or "chasers" (i.e. men who seek out transgender women because they are transgender women) are some kind of transgender themselves. I have never seen this idea followed up by researchers.

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