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Our own Felix Conrad looks into the following hypothesis over at Transcendmovement.com:
…That crossdreamers who do not fully express their femininity in the real world end up spending more time in porn world where, even though it is purely sexual and imaginary, they are female in some way, shape or form.

He has put up an online test to test the hypothesis.

He does not answer his own question in the post, however, but lists some tactics that can be used to cope with a porn addiction.

More here.
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Apr 20 17 5:14 AM

Quiz shows that I have a healthy relationship with porn :) Probably this quiz is right, as I can see porn as something alike to a vitamins. Some people consume enough vitamins with food, and they do not need to take pills. Sometimes vitamins can save you from scurvy, or they can give you hypervitaminosis. There is no common rule, except from maintaining a healthy level for you.

There is no big need to express myself in rl through clothes, makeup etc. But something like “inner expression” is very important to me. Like there is some feminine energy, which must be channeled somewhere. It can be outer expression, inner expression, doing something creative, or this energy will find a way by itself. Usually it will be porn, if other ways of expression are denied.

I had a period of porn addiction, which was ... transformative. I was messed up after that, but fundamentally ready to fully accept myself. So it was a good thing after all. I think that treating porn not as something complete separate, but as a window into myself, as tool of self-exploration was very important.

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