Apr 4 17 12:52 PM

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What's the matter with being in between?  I don't want SRS, just mild HRT.  But Norway interdicts import of pueraria mirifica, the perfect herb for androgynous crossdreamers.  What's wrong with enjoying being an hermaphrodite?  Some people seem nervous when they cannot nail you down as definitely the one thing or the other. And they make the laws, at least in Norway.

I date my 'coming out' from the time when my job supervisor was trying to stir up trouble between me and a woman fellow worker, a lovely lady named Georgene.  One day he laughed at me and said "Georgene says 'Ian is androgynous'."  Something in me snapped and I replied "She's right!"  He was taken aback at my honesty and went away angry.  I felt liberated.  That was the beginning for me.

Norwegian Customs won't even allow pueraria mirifica in a lotion, even though they justify the interdiction by saying it is regarded as an unregulated medicine.  An externally applied lotion is cosmetic, not an internally applied medicine.  But bureaucrats with power do not have to be consistent.

But I am making slower progress with phytoestrogens.

Best wishes to all my fellow crossdreamers!


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Apr 16 17 2:35 PM

I think that being non-binary (in all its manifestations) is great. It gives trans people more options, if for nothing else but to explore themselves.

Not everyone wants full social and medical transition, for some it is an area to explore themselves, for some that in itself is fine for them. I tried that for awhile. I was '90 percenter' where nearly all my social life was as a woman, and the rest as androgynous. For me full transition is what I wanted, but I understand fully those who find that alternative is their best option.

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