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Southeast-Asia is full of boy bands. But some boy bands are more queer and gender bending than others.

 Quartz writes: 
Acrush is made up of five women mostly in their early twenties, who all have edgy short hairstyles and dress like a bunch of boyish hearthrobs. The group won’t formally debut with a music video until the end of April. But it has already garnered a big fan base after several appearances at music events. Its fan page (link in Chinese) on China’s Twitter-equivalent Weibo now has nearly 900,000 followers. By comparison, Katy Perry, also a big name in China, has about one million Weibo followers. 



In this video you see female fans dreaming about boys who are girls. Sexuality and gender is not as clear cut as many believe. That's for sure.

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Apr 4 17 4:38 AM

Remember, in the East, as long as people get money and fame (which easily lead them to marriage and children), gender expression and androgyny are NOT a big deal.  These females WILL afford a home.....and mates, then children.  Looking "classically" feminine seems to be a preference of the nobility (geishas, princesses) as it is in other cultures. 

Asian male and female tend to look alike (the stereotype is that they ALL look alike, nevermind sex and gender).  Androgynous looking people are common in this part of the world.  I'm guessing it's why the hijiras of India and the ladyboys of Thailand are very much a part of society, and are even considered a third sex.  They just won't have children, that's all it seems like.  "Oh, what a shame if they are smart and rich with no wife and kids," but, "Oh, they're so funny on stage." Minimal transphobia is what I'm saying, because these people already look and act like everybody else.  No mate and children just seems to mean that they can't afford them. 


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Apr 4 17 7:08 AM

I believe the hijiras of India are actually looked down on and suffer prejudice but further east things are easier... A friend of mine taught English for a while somewhere near the Laos / Thai Border - He told me (out of interest, he has no idea I'm a crossdreamer) that at one point he asked the class what they hoped to do in the future and two of the boys (aged 12-13 I think) said 'Become girls and then wives' - and it was all accepted by the class as naturally as if they'd said Doctors or farmers

The band above, the one with blond streaks in her hair has a feminine face; the rest, pass more as boys than girls... Good luck to them

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