Mar 29 17 12:24 AM

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What do you know!  Someone has suggested that the Collins dictionary should include the term crossdreamer. 

Approval Status: Pending Investigation
crossdreamerNov 5, 2013 - Top Definition. crossdreamer. A man or woman who get aroused by the idea of being the opposite sex. Many crossdreamers identify with their birth sex, while others are gender dysphoric.

See the Collins site for more.
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Mar 29 17 8:53 AM

I agree with Jen. I see arousal as just a component of crossdreaming. Some of us just like the thought of being the opposite sex. It doesn't have to be a turn on.


"The thing is you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear, dig?" the Pointed Man

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Mar 29 17 10:47 PM

This is on me. For the first couple of years this was the way I wrote about crossdreaming (as a replacement for autogynephilia). Since then the term has taken on a life of its own, becoming broader and clearly including other ways of expressing gender variance. I have updated my sites accordingly, but I guess there are still places where the old definition stands.


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