Mar 28 17 1:51 PM

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I am a Trans Woman, I've often felt that transitioning is about the spirit, without it being about sexual fulfillment . I have mourned my male persona, but who says mourning is always accompanied by stress. I have asked my spiritual diety to romove the doubt of transitioning, and she has provided wonderfully, and still there are time when consciously or unconsciously I feel I am doing the wrong thing to my body. Being transgender in  a way is different from coming out as  gay or bisexual, though I have done those things too. There is more of  a breaking of what is taboo, and an adherence to what is forbidden. I finally have come to the point that I can identify my being  a trans woman as a gender expression of self only, and self expression of identity. However, there are times when I feel shut out from the divine spirit, as though God may have turned her back on those who choose to defy their appropriate grace. I feel even if the choice isn't entirely spiritual that maybe society will treat me the same way I have described.