Mar 25 17 11:51 AM

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=10ptIn the past I have read several accounts here of people who have had cross sex dreams. That was never my experience, at least in a way that was blatantly obvious to me. In my dreams, my sense of a physical self is usually pretty weak. I rarely interact with others in my dreams. I am usually a disembodied consciousness floating in some place and just observing. But two nights ago, I had a dream that was an exception to all that. I was me, a transgendered person dressed like I look when I go clubbing. I was in a fast food restaurant with a friend. We were going to go someplace together, where me being a girl was going to be a big problem, as in that it exposed me to the risk of physical violence. He said he had a gym bag in his car with some gym clothes, and suggested that I should wear them. He went out to his car, and brought back the gym bag. I went to a single use bathroom to put on those clothes. I remember putting on this scoop neck tank top and these gym shorts. I suddenly realized that they only highlighted my growing girl parts, I was showing a lot of cleavage. As of late I have gotten a spurt of growth, and it has been on my mind a great deal lately that my days of easy reverse passing might be over. Interesting
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Mar 26 17 4:15 AM

I guess your mind is trying to tell you that you have reached some kind of tipping point. If you dress up as a man these days, you are actually crossdressing.

You are also saying that the two of you are going to a place where you can risk physical violence. Is the threat of transphobic harassment something that worries you a lot?

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