Dec 1 15 8:00 AM

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Lefora has a blog tool, that lets you easily set up your own blog under your own profile.

See for instance this beautiful poem by Lost published over at their blog. 

But if people start using this tool in earnest, we have to find a way of making those blog posts visible on the forum.

Any ideas as to how we can do this?

How to find the blog fuction:
1. Click on Profile
2. Click on Apps
3. Select Blogsy
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Dec 1 15 5:30 PM

Thanks for the link!

The method I thought of advertising my blog was simply to add a link under my signature

And I wouldn't have thought of that much had it not been for Deborah Kate. I was mainly planning the blog just as a seldom used  Journal.

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Dec 31 15 8:36 AM

well, if the blogger and you become official friends, new entries will appear on your 'activity' page.

the blogger can draw attention to their blog by putting a link to it in their signature (which appears at the bottom of each of their posts on the boards), like Lost has done.

if a CDL member wants a more prominent blog, they can simply start a thread on Crossdreaming In Your Life as their blog, like Lainhart has done here, and like several people did on the old CDL.

omg, i sound like i know what i'm talking about!! maybeez i should get a job in computer software! xx


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Jan 5 16 4:06 AM


The main difference would be that you would have all your longer reflections gathered in one place. The problem is that you would generate fewer comments, unless you posted a link to that post in the forum.

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Jan 13 16 10:29 PM

PipX wrote:
How will 'blog use' differ from writing long posts on here?

Forums such as this one are like chat rooms. Blogs are like writing a journal, or a book . . ,

Also, the blogs link to other blogs, which link to other blogs -- Each entry in each blog offers a place for replies, thread starters.

Mine is real basic. Links to more blogs on the right gutter/sidebar.


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