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Mar 20 17 5:33 PM

I found the sound/music set a mood that felt somewhat threatening - maybe that was what you were going for. Do you go on to discuss the political nature of the autogynephilia definition? How it is used as an excuse to treat some transgenders as perverts and deviants while other transgenders are just fine? I honestly do not want to prejudge your work before I have seen the whole thing - I am just interested in the message you want to convey in your documentary.

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Mar 20 17 9:08 PM

Bobbi: Thank you for watching the clip. I'm not trying to convey a message, I've compiled some opinions and will then present them. I would like more people who disagree with Blanchard but it is difficult to get people to come forward. I would like transmen to be part of it but nobody is interested.

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