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I have made a short presentation of the Kampfer anime over at Word of TG (site NSFW):
 In anime (Japanese style animated movies) quite a few plots are based on boy being changed into girl, and that applies also to non-erotic material. Well, maybe non-erotic is not exactly the word we are looking for. There are plenty of very curvy bodies in sexy school girl uniforms, even if there is no explicit sex. Kämpfer is one such series. It started out as a manga (comic book) series which then was used as the basis for the animated TV series. High school boy Natsuru Senō goes at a gender segregated school He is in love with Kaede Sakura, a fellow student who has a peculiar collection of Entrails Animals (stuffed animals designed as they are dying). Natsuru has one of these animals and one day this "tiger" tells him that he has been chosen to be a Kämpfer, a warrior who is to fight rival Kämpfers. The catch: All Kämpfers are girls.

Are the any of you who have seen it and would care to comment on the "crossdreamer" side of the story?
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(The chick in the lingerie with red eye shadow was what he became.)

I have not seen Kampfer, but I'd like to recommend the Swordsman, or Dongfang Bubai in anime.  Although not the main character in the story, Dongfang Bubai is one of the famous supporting characters, who was a dude martial artist who wanted to be the greatest in the East, so he can attain the name, Asia the Invincible. In order to become that, he had to learn from a manual where castration was required.  He gladly castrated himself and gave up loving women (asexuality works!) 

Gender changes in the East is not unusual because of how many eunuchs were made and how they played such important roles in Asian history.  I can tell you confidently that gender cross-over experiences are very acceptable in the East, at least philosophically, religiously, AND surgically.  It is probably hard to see this because sexual orientation, gender identity, and wealth are mixed together.  Eastern countries indeed have a huge over-population crisis, but do not think for a second that this has anything to do with heterosexual love.  For some reason, the idea of having big families = prosperity, or at least the prospects of having a lot of people bring fortune to a family.  

The world-view, or gestault, of the East is that the body is temporal.  Souls and spirits are eternal.  Changes made to the body, and even death (by homicide or suicide) is a temporary matter.  In this carnal (meat, flesh, evil) world, it matters more how you live it, not so much what you do to the body or dress it.  Gender re-assignment and cross-dressing (even by females) is a small matter for an individual.  All this means is that the people who do this would not likely get married and have plenty of children the way most people who want to move into upper-class society do, that's all!  So, if they mutilated themsleves, loved the wrong person, or cross-dressed, it just means that they are not part of the reproducing game.  The irony is that even if these individuals do marry and have large families, then their work is done; doesn't matter that they stay trans all their lives.  It's just, are you in the reproducing game (that will somehow bring you plenty of riches image, or not?  If not, hmmmmm....ok, now run along.  

I have since seen a difference between progeny, relationships, gender identity, and the rainbow community.  Before global modernization, it was almost understood that some people would not be reproducing, but as more and more people have closer access to wealth (whether through employment or welfare), then it became sad/weird/embarrassing that some people would live their lives without progengy = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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I kept up with it till about episode 8 of the anime, then it got too repetitive for me.

That said, it does have one of the best tg transformation scenes in an anime (putting in spoiler due to slight nudity):

But after that one scene they tend to do the "one second a boy and the next screen she is a girl" thing after that. Kinda like you saw with Ranma in Ranma 1/2:


I really think this anime had a GREAT premise, but never delivered.  Rather than focusing on the idea of the Kampfers being forced to fight each other to the death, they will introduce a new character and then go into fan service mode while making use of every harem anime cliche they can.  Then they give you more fan service and more fan service and then you realize that there is no actual plot, just an excuse to show scantily clad school girls in embarrassing situations over and over again.  

Not to say I hated the show, I just got bored.

That said, I recently just started a different anime that seems to be going in the opposite direction.  It, like Kampfer, is about magical girls who are forced to fight one another.  And, while the Main character of this show is a cis-female, there is also a character in it (who plays a fairly major role) who is normally male and has to become a girl when using her powers.

It is called "Magical Girl Raising Project," and it seems to want to be another "Puella Magi Madoka Magica."  

For those who know of PMMM, I don't need to say anymore.  For those who never heard of PMMM, lets just say that it is a dark de-construction of the magical girl genre that uses overly cute looking characters (who could have been lifted straight for some grade school girl's shoujo manga) and puts them into dark situations that either get them brutally killed or slowly drives them insane. MGRP seems to be following the same exact path.

I have only gotten an episode or two into the anime (and haven't gotten any further due to school) but it is looking pretty good already.

Here is a picture of the TG Character From MGRP if you don't mind a mild spoiler:

If you want to watch the shows legally (and for free) you can see them here:


Kampfer only has 4 episodes available

Puella magi Madoka Magica is not a tg series in any way.

PS:Today is the last day of Spring Break, so I will be going into exile again until the end of the semester, so if I don't respond till May, that is the reason.

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Mar 19 17 10:12 PM

Yeah, I watched the first season a few years ago, but didn't keep up with it. Pretty much just a harem anime, and I think that forced transformations that the character just kind of deals with, rather than wants is really just a kind of body horror. I know that there is an element of wish fulfillment, and the desire to retain one's innocence with it being forced on them... but I don't like that.

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Mar 19 17 11:43 PM

I never line Kämpfer anime, because too much fanservice (I can tolerate just so much of it - prefer to keep my entertainment and porn separate, thank you) and... main hero is useless. Like, incredibly clumzy, un-comically stupid, hypermoe level of useless and despite all of that has a huge harem, because reasons.

Imagine, Three Rules of Genderbending, but cranked up to eleven. Very stereotyped moe character, that almost never produces anything, other than "fanservice".

And none of that is applied to main character in male form. He gets clumsy and dumb in female form. Those, who wrote anime adaptation intentionally made it in way to sell it for stupid pervy males they treat, as their main audience. It might've been amusing and provocative, if character were always acting the same (clumsily stupid OR mildly competent), but treated differently in alternate forms, but nope. Neither art nor social commentary nor exploration of transgender condition was their goal. And, even as a pure entertainment and comedy, it might've been okay, but it wasn't adaptation makers' goal. Pure cash grabbing stereotypical ecchi fanservice trash. Throw into the pile of similar "works" and forget about it.

It isn't from my experience, but I was told, that in manga things wasn't as bad (or at all). But you can check it yourself on tv tropes, and read about it firsthand.

If you still like it, for one reason or another, don't let my judgement to spread on your behalf. If you got something good out of it, it's great and tells more about your aptitupe as a spectator rather, than quality of the work IMHO. Enjoy what you enjoy and don't feel guilty about it.

For me, it was a huge disappointment and in a hindsight, a lot of ongoing anime I enjoyed at the time, relied on my ability to willfully ignore their stupid tropes (which I mean had good parts in them - action, drawing, plot, etc.).

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Mar 19 17 11:58 PM

Thought, that all of this is negative criticisms and I didn't suggest anything instead.

Well, most good "gender bender" stories I've found weren't anime, but manga. I can't recommend, as it was long time ago and I read quite many, so I don't much remember their titles now. But if you're willing to sift through sites search of "alternatively released" manga, you can find quite a lot there.

Also, tv tropes. Great place to look for stories to your liking, any medium.

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Mar 21 17 6:22 AM

Thanks for some really interesting and helpful comments. You have given me ideas to new blog posts.

I have only seen a few episodes of Kämpfer and I can see the point several of you have been making. It soon becomes repetitive and speculative.

I got the same feeling from watching a few of the body swap porn movies some Japanese are so fond of. The scriptsis more or less the same for every single movie, and "sexy" is soon replaced by "booooooring."  What wasted opportunities.

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