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Very interesting story about accidental transition on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/2kndk5/accidental_transition/, and  https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/3p8puo/unintentional_transition_update/

Cis male with Multiple Sclerosis goes for estrogen as a last resort. Estrogen works as intended, reversing progression of MS, but also giving physical and mental changes, which he liked.
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Mar 8 17 5:40 AM


It brings up a lot of question, especially about the malleability of gender. I have seen this question raised in other context, and not only in relation to transgender.

Intersex children with ambiguous genitalia are often given the sex the surgeon find most convenient (mosty based on the length of the penis). Some of the XY interesex kids who are raised as girls develop severe gender dypshoria, even if they are socialized as girls. Others do not.

In other words: There is clearly as biological component to gender identity, but it is not equally strong in all.

In this case we have a person who is (apparently) not transgender, in the sense of them not having gender dysphoria, and who is raised as a man, but who nevertheless seem to be able to adapt to a life as a woman.

It is very hard to develop a simplistic model that can explain this. (But then again: That is probably because nature is far from simple).

I definitely need to think more about this one.

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Mar 8 17 8:51 AM

The poster Demastro is still posting about his life and it all seems pretty consistent, so I have no reason to think (like some of the people posting negative stuff about her) that this is a joke or something. I also read up a bit on MS and yep - estrogen is a treatment.


I do have to admit that this does sound like a TS fantasy - i.e. you now have a illness and the only cure is to become a woman - but seriously some people on the Reddit thread are just fucking idiots.

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Mar 8 17 9:54 AM

Anything that falls too far outside of the standard trans narrative seems to become a target on the reddit boards. I think some of that has to do with old fashion jealousy. There are a lot of young people who are trying to do it all by the books, and don't look as good as this transformation.

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Mar 16 17 4:02 AM

Most comments on reddit page seem to be positive and/or curious.

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Mar 19 17 3:39 PM

Forgive me, not being sarcastic or provocative --

If we toss "gender essentialism," which I am radical militant about tossing,

Someone please explain what it feels like to "identify as a female" or "identify as a male" ???

I understand full- well that sex-wise I am cis-M. I put a great deal of time and effort into neutralizing the secondary traits that make sex physically apparent. I understand entirely how estrogen changes moods. Testosterone changes moods too. At 69 yrs. the testosterone is losing its grip on me.

But gender-wise I feel mostly like me, not cis-M, not cis-F. Not so naive as to think I might "pass" as either.

I pay a great deal of attention to the behavior, presentation of both sexes. Women behave differently than men -- socio/culturally. A lot of the stereotypical behavior is cultural. Some of it is hormonal. Some of us are not so much driven by hormones in our behavior. More and more these days I am thinking that this a-typical "counter-hormonal" behavior is what being/feeling "trans" is all about.

Not sure where this is going except to note that I get up in the morning and just "present" as me -- trying not to put too strict a gender tag on it all. No HRT, no surgery.

Allison Wunderland's Transcend Dance

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Mar 20 17 2:24 AM

"Feeling like a female" is just that a feeling. It cannot be reduced to a performance, as set of personality traits, stereotypic interests or whatever it is people use to define what it means to be a woman or a man. And for transgender (and some intersex) people it cannot be reduced to genitalia or chromosomes either.

Yet here we are, those of us who experience this intense sense of misalignment, dissonance, incongruence. The feeling is real and I have come to the point where I use this feeling as the startingpoint for trying to understand this kind of transgender, instead of trying to explain it away with those invalidating words: "it is only......" (fill in the blanks: fetish, atuogynephilia, performance, fantasy....)

All of those "explanations" fail to address the intensity of this feeling and the complexity of the way it is expressed. All those observations that people use to invalidate transgender identities are, as far as I am concerned, effects of such a fundamental indentity. The fact that transgender identities can be express by so many means (crossdressing, fiction, performance, body alterations etc.)  tells me that the underlying phenomenon cannot be reduced to either of them.

We can use those pehnomena to triangulate what it is, though, even no researchers have come up with the final explanation so far. Even the trans-friendly researchers too often end up in understanding gender identity as the sum total of gender stereotypes. 

I suspect this fundamental feeling of being gendered is based in some kind of inborn need to orient yourself in the world as a gendered being, as a man or a woman or neither.  The main difference between us and many other mammals is that in our case the strict behavioral patterns have been decoupled from this drive towards taking your place in society as a man or a woman (or something else).

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Mar 20 17 2:34 AM

Intensity of these feelings may vary from person to person, of course.

That doesn't mean they're less or more real.

Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

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Mar 23 17 11:44 AM

Allison Wunderland wrote, "Someone please explain what it feels like to "identify as a female" or "identify as a male" ???"

You don't ask easy questions do you. :)

You and Jack already explored some of those aspects that I could point to such as typical (sic StereoTypical ) female vs male behaviours, likes/ dislikes that are more associated with female vs male and so forth, but I think that the biggest distinguishing factor for a M2F transgender is the overwhelming desire to BE female (or as close as modern medicine can get you). For me I can also point to my general comfort with expressing female and male traits, such showing affection for friends (male or female) openly. I grew up believing that men do not show emotion - and that is not me. Now you might say - hey, gay men do that, what are you on about! Sure ok, but that is only one example of where my true personality has been suppressed over years as living as a male. Really, it comes to a totality of experience and desires that lead you to the conclusion that you really identify as female for a M2F.
Your question though seems to hinge on why you personally don't feel like anything but yourself... that I cannot say for sure, but perhaps you have always felt comfortable expressing your true thoughts and feelings. For me I have always felt that I have to act like a man; I have never felt comfortable with all of the things that are part of the male role - so I believe I think much more like a female than I do a male.

*hugs* Bobbi

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