Mar 5 17 4:42 PM

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Very interesting audio summary on Scientific American that explains the current state of the debate: nature vs. nurture. The overwhelming evidence is that we are trans because of biology, a combination of genes, hormones during pregnancy, and 'experience' in the womb.  

Why Are Some People Transgender?
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Mar 6 17 9:18 PM

Me too! I worry sometimes that I'm suffering from confirmation bias but despite all the weirdness in my early childhood I really think that my transgender nature is innate.

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Mar 7 17 12:26 AM

Being Trans is not a Choice

Another interesting take on the topic:

By Leslie P. Henderson who is a professor of physiology and neurobiology at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and a former fellow of the OpEd Project.

There is evidence to suggest that increased levels of gender dysphoria (i.e., the variance between gender identity and chromosomal sex) may result from developmental exposure to abnormal hormone environments, especially increased levels of androgens in XX fetuses that can occur in conditions such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Anecdotally, my neuroscience colleague Ben Barres has suggested that prenatal exposure to testosterone-like drugs may explain his own transgender identity.

 In humans, care must always be taken relating correlation to causation. Differences in brain structures may reflect mutual interactions among innate brain processes, expressed gender roles and society’s response to those actions. But brain differences are biological.

  We should know then that to be transgender is not a choice.


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