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Mar 1 17 2:54 PM

She is so cute, and so brave. But I know exactly how the social conservative tranphobs would react. They would be saying that her parents put the idea in her head. Of course, they wouldn't be using the pronoun "her" when saying that. They would also be suggesting that the child should be taken away from her progressive secular parents, and subjected to intense "psychiatric threapy" until the gay can be prayed away.

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Mar 2 17 6:58 AM

Even in these dark times, there is room for optimism. The extremist transphobes (right wing or left wing) will not be persuaded by anything we say. They are locked into a view of the world that makes it impossible to see what we see. But we do not have to convince them. The target must be the moderates in the middle, the ones who still have a heart and who would be able to see the parallels between the current treatment of trans women, and history's treatment of women, people of color and gay people.

I do, from time to time, engage the transphobes online, but never in the hope of changing their minds. But I want other readers following the discussions to be aware of the other point of view. 

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Mar 2 17 10:00 AM

Jack, I didn't want to sound so negative. Like you, I have spent some time on various forums arguing with transphobes of various colors. I just intuitively know their talking points now for every situation. I agree, we will never convince the transphobs; it is the people in the middle trying to find out more that we are seeking influence.

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Mar 3 17 12:19 AM

Your comment about the talking points got me thinking:

Let us collect the talking points and then put up some short and simple, but well documented answers somewhere that trans people can refer to in debates.

I will put up a separate post on this.

Could you help me with this?

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