Feb 22 17 2:24 AM

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Paris is Burning is a classic movie within the transgender area of movie making, made in a time where it was abundantly clear that areas like trans, drag and gay overlapped in so many ways.

Cheryl writes about the movie Paris is Burning over at Lost in Transgender:
“In 1990 I was 21 and at the point in my life where I had begun the long road of self discovery of what it means to be trans. It was also the year that Jennie Livingston released her cult documentary movie 'Paris is Burning.' I remember it being aired on BBC2 as part of their Arena documentary series. The Arena team made an introduction to the film stating that Madonna's hit single Vogue had taken it's roots from the culture existing within the underground gay night clubs of New York City.”

The Wikipedia says this about the film:
The film depicts people with different gender identities or communities and their different forms of expression. It also explores how its subjects dealt with the adversity of racism, homophobia, AIDS and poverty. For example, some, like Venus Xtravaganza became sex workers, some shoplift clothing, and some were thrown out of their homes by homophobic parents. One participant was saving money for sex reassignment surgery... Through candid one-on-one interviews the film offers insight into the lives and struggles of its subjects and the strength, pride, and humor they maintain to survive in a "rich, white world."

The whole movie can be seen over at YouTube.