Feb 20 17 1:52 AM

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Some of us (including OnGoingUnnoticed) have discussed the need for an alternative entry point to Crossdream Life. 

There are several reasons for this:

1. We want to attract new readers and new members, and they may find the Crossdream Life home page a little bit intimidating.
2. We want to help our members navigate CDL in a better way

At the moment you will find a link called Latest Posts on the home page. This link leads you to a kind of portal page. I guess it works for existing members, but isn't that meaningful for new readers.

This weekend Sally and I tested out various ways of making a  different kind of gateway, following the current trend of magazine like blogs. We simply turned the existing Crossdreamer Portal over at crossdreamers.org into a magazine

As you will see we have manually added blog posts on selected CDL discussions. This cannot be done automatically, we're afraid, if you want to ensure meaningful ingresses and the use of relevant photos. (If we go for this model, we may need some additional editors).

In the right hand column we added navigation that might also be of help to existing members: A decend search engine (Lefora's is unreliable), the latest posts, links to resources and links to relevant blog posts outside CDL.

What do you think can be done differently? Any features that are missing? Is this a good idea?

Go to http://www.crossdreamers.org/ 
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Feb 21 17 1:31 AM

Darn, one day after we put up this version of crossdreamers.org, the DNS records gets messed up, causing a redirect error message.

Sorry about that. It has now been fixed!

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