Feb 19 17 2:39 PM

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I had a lovely experience today.  On another board I frequent, I found out that (since I have a neutral name) folks were assuming I was a dude.  I'm not sure if it's because I have a masculine writing style or what, but it kind of made my day that they would sense my inner male.

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Feb 19 17 11:49 PM

That is a strangly affirming experience, isn't it?

This can also be very confusion.

I had a Japanese business partner once who had only met me via email and in person. If they see you face to face they ajust their interpretation of the voice accordingly.

This time, however, he called me from Japan, and this time he heard my voice only. This grew akward very fast, because this time he believed he heard a female voice. (I am mistaken for a woman, all the time, one the phone.) So he believed he was talking to my secretary (as if I had one....) He actually got pretty annoyed as I would not "set him over" to me.

When he did realize that I was who I was, he got profoundly embarassed, as he now believed he had insulted me gravely!  

The irony...

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