Feb 11 17 1:00 PM

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Hi There! My name is Raeleen and I've just discovered this board. I'm a late 30s bigender/gender-fluid individual who is slowly learning and understanding more about my gender journey. I spend 99 percent of my life as male, but do get out on occasion presenting female. I've always felt like my brain is both male and female, and that my gender expression is really fluid. But I'm not comfortable enough to be out to that point yet in my life. I do imagine and on occasion dream as a woman, and though I have no intention of ever transitioning, I am curious about a broader range of experiences as both genders. Looking forward to learning and hearing about all of your experiences on here and thanks for welcoming me!
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Feb 12 17 12:58 AM

Welcome to Crossdream Life, Raeleen! I am glad to see you here, and I am especially glad for the opportunity to talk about the room in between the genders.

Have you any idea about how you would like to express your gender fluidity?

You also say that you have gone out presenting as female. I am curious to know: What was that like? Did it help?


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