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The London College of Fashion are hosting the "Museum of Transology," a sensitively curated collection of objects and personal stories donated by trans people. Alongside each object is a luggage label written by the donator, explaining why their object has special meaning for them.

The exhibition aims to share "the narratives of hope, despair, ambition, confidence and desire" with objects "as diverse as the trans experience itself.”

It's a small collection of around 120 objects, accompanied by several interesting videos, running on continuous loops, and has a mission to bring real trans people's stories into the public consciousness, rather than the often sensationalised and unsensitive reports that are presented in the media. It's free to enter, and is housed in a single hall at the college's main base near Oxford Circus. I was touched reading many different tales, and the exhibition brought home to me just how diverse the experiences of the trans community are.

Anyone (whether able to visit the exhibition in person or not) is also invited to add their own contribution to the museum's online presence by adding photos about their own journey on its Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/museumoftransology/, using the #Transology tab.The exhibition runs until 22 April. Visit http://www.fashionspacegallery.com/exhib…/museum-transology/ for more information.

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Feb 11 17 9:59 AM

Hm. Until April 22? We might just make it in time. I would love to see it.

PS: I love the fiddle toy!  I make my own, using paper, if I have so much nervous energy that it spills over.image

I will make sure tumblr knows about this one!

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Feb 13 17 12:04 PM

The opening blurb for the exhibition did say that they hoped that another museum might take up the collection for permanent display, so who knows – maybe there'll be a chance to see it if you don't make it to London before April?

There were also some useful weblinks listed in the magazine brochure, which may be of interest to some (I wasn't aware of many of these):

allabouttrans.org.uk - promoting positive representation of trans people in the media
allsortsyouth.org.uk - support group for LGBT young people in Brighton&Hove
theartoftransliness.com - advice for transmen
www.clareproject.org.uk - Brighton&Hove based support group for people exploring their gender identity
https://www.facebook.com/groups/desiQLondonSE - LGBT/non binary/intersex support group for people of South Asian origin
http://www.galop.org.uk/ - action against violence toward LGBT people
genderdynamix.org.za - advocacy for TG rights
genderedintelligence.co.uk - support organisation, also promoting awareness of gender diversity
gendermatters.co.uk - advice on gender rights
gires.org.uk - research and education on interests affecting trans people
mermaidsuk.org.uk - support for teenage trans people and parents
mindout.org.uk - LGBT mental health support
mygenderation.com - on-going film project exploring gender variance, has a good range of film excerpts available to view online
onroadmedia.org.uk - works to improve media coverage of trans people and other communities
https://www.facebook.com/groups/qtipoclondon/ - queer, trans, intersex people of colour in London
transiness.co.uk - sexual violence victims helpline for trans and non binary people
transmediawatch.org - works for improved media coverage of trans and intersex matters
transpals.org.uk - trans social group based in south London
tgeu.org - works for the equality of trans people in Europe
gires.org.uk/the-wiki - directory of groups working for / supporting trans people

These are mainly UK focused, but may have some useful information / links for folks who are located elsewhere.

It is a small exhibition, so probably not worth a special trip to London unless you're otherwise passing by. As far as I could see, the collection gave a pretty balanced representation of objects donated by FTM and MTF folks.


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Feb 14 17 1:36 AM

It is a small exhibition, so probably not worth a special trip to London unless you're otherwise passing by.

Don't say that! I am looking for a good excuse to go to London ;)

And thanks for all the links!

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