Feb 4 17 10:28 PM

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My body is itching a lot and feels very tired.  I have been taking Natureday products in substitution for pueraria mirifica, which I cannot obtain in Norway (at least not legally).  I want to see if these are responsible for symptoms of toxicity.  So psychologically I am content to remain as androgynous as Nature made me, and in time we shall see about supplements.  I mention this in case others are having similar problems.
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Feb 5 17 2:04 AM

Could you tell us a  bit more about how PM affeced your general health (itching, tiredness)? Did it help for this also? Or was it more a way of coping with dysphoria? Alternatively: Was it the desire for a more female/androgynous form that motivated you?

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Feb 17 17 9:22 AM

All Better

Hi Jack,

Thank for responding.  No worries.  The doc said I had an allergic skin reaction but my TG products are not at fault.  Pueraria mirifica was beautiful, but in Norway the Customs Nazis will not allow it in.  However, Natureday products and my good ol' Noogleberry are moving me right along now.

How are you these days?


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Feb 23 17 11:48 AM

I'm feeling fine and now getting lovely results from Natureday products, especially my nipples. I've found that skipping treatments for a day out of 14 has encouraging effects. Wish I could transfer a selfie to the internet!

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