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Dec 14 15 1:13 PM

Thanks. Did a quick read just now. Already saw some issues with describing bisexuality, but I'm pretty used to that. Some of this perspective on post gender is also used by the TERF's to deny trans women a space in feminist community. I've always felt outside of the gender binary myself. Harry Hay's writing on two spirit people helped me years ago. I do think there is work to do to understand the intersections of intersex & trans* as well as how feminism should give space to gender freedom. Medical advances also make transition more possible. Technology is already making what were gendered professional obsolete.

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Dec 15 15 3:26 AM

We are still struggling with the language used to describe "gender variant" people. Most of the models we have today are used to defend the binary. So it is either:

1. Cis woman trapped in a man's body
2. Gender is only a social construct, so if someone assigned male believes they are a woman, they are either impostors, sexual perverts, mad or all of the above.

The twin spirit model of the Navaho's accept that a person can be born a man but also have a female spirit (female attributes/personality/identity/energy or whatever it is they mean when they say spirit.

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