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Feb 6 17 12:33 AM

I have gotten quite a few reports on the use of herbal estrogen and there seems to be two schools:

1. Those that say that no herbs have any visible effect at all.
2. Those that say that there is one or two exceptions to rule No. 1, the main one being Pueraria Mirifica (PM)

Very trusthworthy crossdreamers tell me that PM does work.





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Feb 6 17 10:35 AM

I've used herbs for about 20 years. The first couple of years I tried several different ones that seemed to have no effect. But I kept trying new ones. Each one had people who claimed it worked great for them. Finally I tried black cohosh and the results were quite satisfactory. I first noticed a new mental calmness that I had never had and then some physical changes. Most noticeably fat redistribution. My beer gut shifted rearward. My receding hair line reversed itself.

After a couple of more years I added saw palmetto, an anti-androgyn. At this point my body hair became much finer and lighter, more like a fuzz. I changed from shaving daily to weekly. My teenie tiny male nipples increased in diameter, still small by female standards but big by male. And small A cup breasts.

So in my case herbs definitely worked. But not at first. It took some experimentation. And what worked for some had no effect on me and I'm sure that some will say the same for my regimen.


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