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Take a look at the left hand column of the Girlfag/Guydyke site. Yes, this is a German language site, but much of the content has been translated into English.

Recent links includes a reveal of Vampire-queen Anne Rice being a bit of a crossdreamer and the movie director Jennifer von Schuckmann, "a gay man in a woman's body."  (Google translation here).

And there is a new flag, designed by Max.


The girlfag defition has been revised slightly and now says:
Girlfags are (more or less female identified) people who feel in one way or another like a gay man but at the same time identify as a woman.
Most girlfags were assigned female at birth.
[color=#007f00]They are very often attracted to gay/bi/queer men and gay-male sexuality but are not limited to this and can be attracted to more types of people than just gay/bi/queer men. Girlfags can identify as cisgendercisgenderfluidtransgender or genderqueer. One way of understanding this identity can be that girlfags are sufficiently "in between" the categories of gay and straight, cis and trans* not to call themselves straight cis women or gay trans men, although for some (not all!) trans men the selfidentification as girlfag can be a kind of "interstage".[/color]

As I have noted before, the term girlfag is not synonymous with FTM crossdreamer, but there is a significant overlap.   (There is a possible contradiction in this verson of the definition. It says that girlfags identify as women, but that they may be transgender. I am sure there are girlfags who do identify as men).

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