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Mar 4 17 11:02 AM

Jen, I'm perfectly aware of the historical relationship that has existed between the sexes. I am also aware that some of that continues down to this day, but in some places more than others. Even in my youth, I admired very strong and powerful women who owned their own sexuality, and weren't inclined to surrender it in a purely financial arrangement. I have always lived in large urban areas with rather progressive ideas. I have worked in a profession that opened itself to women decades ago. The women I have known are of a different breed.

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Mar 4 17 11:47 AM

Stealth Lesbians

Let's toss this out -- Most cis-M that I encounter who search (Google) "lesbian porno" trypically sign in as "female" because it's part of the lesbian sexual fantasy. Porno as a category online is the broadest "market" in seaches/content.

Bottom line being with regard to this thread -- The search criteria is not going to generate reliable results.

Allison Wunderland's Transcend Dance


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Mar 4 17 3:09 PM

jackmolay wrote:
There is much to what you have to say, and when I see all the anxiety over at forums like 4chan -- young men feeling left out of the race -- I also see an explanation for the recent backlash against feminism. 

Still, when you say:
 half the men become hostage to her whims and sex economizing, or she'll just move on to the next new model

I cannot help thinking that this is what women have had to live with for the last three millenia in large parts of the world. Female liberation gives them the power men have taken for granted.

I don't think I'm willing to contest that. At least to some extent, it's probably true enough.

As for the kids at 4chan, there are several facets to being kept inside the "basket of deplorables". And hormone flows considered, some sure are more explosive anger generators than others. Thus, I don't give the globalist new world order all that many more years to last.

"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting."

- Khalil Gibran

If I cannot be a feminine traditional woman, what's the point of being a woman?

- Me

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Mar 4 17 3:33 PM

AllisonWunderland, believe I saw a discussion about this in the comment sections, and I don't think you have to sign in to generate those stats. But either way, the numbers are big enough to establish a tendency, especially since if the sexes were opposite mirror images of each other, there would be practically zero interest in lesbian porn by women. Think about it. What hetero male would spend even minutes watching gay porn in order to get turned on? It just doesn't happen.

The thing I take away from this is that men and women are different from each other, but they are not symmetrical opposites.

"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting."

- Khalil Gibran

If I cannot be a feminine traditional woman, what's the point of being a woman?

- Me

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Mar 4 17 11:20 PM

lal2828 wrote:

Gentlemen! This is all clear signs that you are, or that you still are or that you started out, male!  I feel like an alien who crash-landed onto earth and into a female body!  Then, in order to thrive in a little female body, I signed up to learn from and work among females for over 40 years! 

The dictionary definition (as updated by Wiktionary) of a "female" is that of a being (thus, a sex) that produces eggs and/or has XX chromosomes.  (One or the other, would you believe?)  This is a reproductive definition and has been the prevailing distinction between the "binaries" so far.  As a result of waiting eggs, physical qualities that also distinguish the female are a smaller upper body, a wider lower body, a shorter stature than the males of the same population, and gynological/obsetric capabilities.  MTFers, the last one, the last one seems to get forgotten a lot!!

Not to mention the menstrual cycle. Has sometimes occured to me it's apparently one of those things that we MTF'ers (pretend women) would prefer not to think about a whole lot. smiley: laugh

Not sure just how far you can run with Freud and thus place sexuality within the realm of aggression/Tanathos, even if some of his teachings are hard to resist. The man wasn't a scientist in any modern sense of the word. More like a cult leader who demanded absolute fidelity to his doctrines. Then again, within Occult circles, sexuality seems always to have been identified as a kind of negative energy, not to mention the history of Christianity, which when it comes down it - whatever itself would like to profess - mostly appears to have been concerned with condemning lust and lechery as the ultimate sin. I should know, being the son of a minister.

"The power over sex that you speak of, Monique, is preliminary to what the female knows she will have to deal with eventually: possible children (with illnesses and/or birth defects), limited resources, limited physical protection for her home, herself, and her children.  It's not that the female controls sex, she's trying to save her life from a life of atrocity.

For over 40 years of seeing a population, mostly made up of women and children, even at higher socio-economic strata, sex is a tool of survival.  Dependency, in the form of welfare, comes first.  And even with plenty of security and resources, social reforms, reproductive rights, and "better" politics, I still see and hear females suffer.  If only being "thrown by the wayside as discarded specimens of the human population" from losing a game of love was enough!!"

Dang! Okay, your remarks probably serves me right. But what a mystery then that women seem often to choose sexual partners, like Chad and Leroy, who by their, let's call it philandering nature, would often be the least equipped to actually care for her and her offspring? Biological evolution maladjusted to the post hunter gatherer age? It appears her offspring would get physically healthy and psychologically highly aggressive, possibly psychopathic genes, but that's about it.

"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting."

- Khalil Gibran

If I cannot be a feminine traditional woman, what's the point of being a woman?

- Me

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Mar 5 17 2:25 AM


I am sure you are right about the point about violence -- or rather: the threat of violence -- being an etremely important factor in gender relationships. Muscle-mass, body-mass and height are the only factors where there is a highly significant difference between men and women, as far as I can see. All the others - interests, intellectual abilities, temperaments etc.  -- are marginal or can easily be explained as an effect of culture. 

So I have often wondered whether not all the differences we see between men and women in the way they behave and the way society treats them, is based on this difference: All things considered men have a greater chance of winning in a physical conflict, and they can use this physical power to subjugate women and force them to adhere to their ideas of what is right and wrong.

But that does not mean that all cultures are ruled by male violence and female subjugation. There has been quite a few cultures throughut history where women have had power and influence and where cultural normes have provided some protection for women, giving them a more egalitarian role. This even applies to violent, "masculine", cultures like Viking Scandinavia.

It is as if some cultures are caught in some kind of positive reinforcement here: Women are given some respect and acceptance, which gives them room to thrive and contribute, which again undermines gender stereotypes and gives them more respect. If the culture around them limits the right of men to commit violent acts against these women (often having the state and the police monopolizing the right to use violence) they may feel safe enough to challenge men and demand a fair treatment.  In many ways this is where we are in Scandinavia right now, even if women are much more likely to feel threatened by violence than men -- even now.

Heck, this is even the case among other primates. Chimpanzee society is a patriarchy where males can get away with violence against anyone, females included. Our other closest relative, the bonobos, have matriarchal cultures where the female gangs up on males who think they have the rigth to dominate them.  You could say that in bonobo society the females are "the state" and they have monopolized the right to be violent, ensuring something closer to gender equality (or female supremacy, rather).

My point was rather that if you have achieved some kind of balance between the genders -- imperfect as it might be -- love, compassion, kindness, reliability, thrusthworthiness and faithfullness become the winning formula in love relationships. 


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