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Nov 30 15 5:39 AM

I must admit I have often wondered if Annie Lennox is a crossdreamer. Her answer to us all: "You don't know what I feel!".

First the FTM crossdresser:

Here she is as what can only be described as an MTF drag diva (really!)

And in this one she covers all types of gender bending:

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Nov 30 15 1:15 PM

my special fave is Candy Says by the Velvet Underground (Lou Reed's 60s band). it's beautifully tender. it's about Andy Warhol's trans friend Candy Darling, but to me it seems to address a more introverted character. Anthony and the Johnsons have done a version of this song.

the visuals on this youtube video (nothing to do with Lou Reed) capture the spirit quite well, i think:


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Nov 30 15 1:46 PM

of course songs that make you crossdream don't have to be about trans, they can just stimulate you into femme (as always, switch what i say around if you're ftm).

many of the songs on the old site's thread did that for me thru the videos rather than the music. pop videos often seem to be good crossdream material. i particularly like the ones by gothicy rock bands with female singers, such as Sirenia, Nightwish and Evanescence. some of these, plus much else that's delightful, can be found on the old sit'e's thread. several hours of crossdream material here:


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Dec 6 15 12:38 AM

This is music from Jim Jarnush "Only lovers left alive" not related with transgender or crossdreaming, but when i listen this music i feel so stong internal feminity that want to dance. this music help me, to see deep inside. Broke barriers and just feel fusion and unity of different parts of my mind.

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Dec 6 15 2:22 PM

I only came across this one recently.  It has two different videos So I am linking both.

Should Have Been Us- by Tori Kelly

And this Irish Song as song by Kokia (there is a better version of her singing this song but it looks like Youtube nuked it):

Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair-  Kokia Cover

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Dec 8 15 4:08 PM

That James Marsters videos video is a starnge montage of him, him in Buffy and bits of Buffy without him in it - and him dressed as Spike but kissing himself (which I must have missed in Buffy and I've watched them all, several times)

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Dec 8 15 5:41 PM

Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

© "Eclipse Phase" by Posthuman Studios

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Dec 12 15 4:55 AM

There aren't really a lot of songs that make me crossdream, but I like this one. Just recently stumbled upon it..

It also has some beautiful lyrics (How to make a spoiler?):

What does it mean to “be yourself”?
“Stand out” and be different!
Those words were printed in bold on the cover
Of a magazine in the convenience store

What does it mean to “be yourself”?
As a child, I never gave it a second thought
If there was something I didn’t like, I got mad
If there was something I liked, I said so

But we all change, in time
As do the things we want to protect
From a treasure known to only you
To a façade that exists purely to be seen

The more you become an adult
The more you become capable of regret
But you know, despite all that
There are things you start to realize

So I’m just going to be myself
And you can just be yourself, too
I don’t think we need to have
All the answers right from the start

Because I’m not you
​Just as you’re not me, so
Join hands with the person passing by
That’s how love starts to bloom
That’s the way it works

I wonder what it means to “be yourself”
Time may pass
But it can’t erase what’s truly important

So a life ever changing is the way to go

copied from top YT comment

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Dec 13 15 4:05 AM

How to make a spoiler:

First type in spoiler in brackets (this is called a tag) put the content you want to hide, and then put the close tag in which is the word spoiler preceded by a "/" inside of brackets.

It should look like this:


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Dec 16 15 11:32 AM

A  few of these songs are about being transgender or about a transgender person, like the song Josephine, which is is quite natural of course....

My cross dreaming songs are more on what I think being a woman would be like, rather than a transgender person specifically; These two songs popped up on the 'made-long-ago' Compilation CD I was playing in my car today.     The first is 90's I think, a bouncy indy-pop song .  As for the second, disco music isn't usually my thing but this is just such a classic anti-love song I could listen to all day long.  Both are about the whole love stuff from a woman's PoV



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