Jan 1 17 10:19 PM

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I'm alarmed that there is no option to have email addresses withheld from view.  I don't want my email address made public.   Please, Please! Can this option be added?  Can someone take my email address off of my profile page?

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Jan 1 17 10:34 PM

I don't see your email address in your profile. I also don't see it from the admin page.

Edit: I just checked, I can only see my email address when I'm logged in. If I log out it disappears.


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Jan 2 17 12:55 AM

Okay let me start by saying I can't see your email address. 

Have you checked out our profile while logged out or through an incognito window?  If you do I am pretty sure that you will see that your email is not shown.

Second, if you are worried here is what you can do to make sure that your email address is private:

1. Go to your profile
2. Click the wrench symbol on the top left
3. Click "Privacy" under Settings
4. Change the privacy to "only me"
5. Click "Save" at the bottom

Now your profile is private if it wasn't already set that way.

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Jan 2 17 10:00 AM

I've never seen anyone's e-mail address in here - Well done to Vaydra for finding out about privacy settings but it would seem that is the default setting

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Jan 2 17 10:54 AM

The most open setting here shows the email address only among logged-in members. The most secure setting is where nobody sees the email address, but the address is still used for official communications from the forum. There is a middle setting where you can allow only forum friends to see it. I am not sure what the default setting is when an account is setup. I tend to be an exception here, but most people seem to want to operate about as anonymously as they can. Given that, it would probably be wise that we have some sticky notes on the privacy settings

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Jan 2 17 1:26 PM

Yes, the email is hidden from anyone but the admins, and we NEVER share information like that, EVER.

However, if this still worries you, I suggest you put up a separate email account for your alias (gmail is free) and use that for CDL purposes.

By the way, the admins will NEVER use the email adress found in the database either. You will never get an email in the post from Crossdream Life. 

If we need to get messages across to our members outside Lefora, we post them here:


I will follow up on April's idea and make a sticky note on the matter.

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Jan 3 17 3:27 AM

To clarify by admins I'm pretty sure Jack doesn't mean Mods.. I'm a Mod and I can't see anyone's E-mail address. The only time I'm interested in anyone's e-mail address here is if we become such good friends we decide to share this info mutually!

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