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Dec 28 16 12:01 PM

@Ongo the second from bottom one i really like - the hair and the smile! xx

@Josie these are just lovely. the black and white photography, use of light and delicate nudity combine for crossdreamy delight! xx

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Jan 2 17 9:34 AM

^^ Sofie i'm really pleased that you feel like the girl on the left at night. she looks so happy, boobs and shiny leather to the fore, relaxed and delighted to be guided by her femme sexuality. xx

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Jan 2 17 2:51 PM

PipX wrote:
That moment when Facebook shows you an advert for a dating site...

and you want to be the girl in the pic, not meet her

Haha, I know the feeling. 

This here is a pic of a girl that I had the same reaction to and saved the pic. I think this was from an ad for a dating site too, I don't remember for sure.

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Jan 9 17 5:20 AM






Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

© "Eclipse Phase" by Posthuman Studios

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Jan 9 17 7:11 PM

Josie wrote:
Nothing unique or exceptional about this pic... I don't know what it is, but something inside of me when I look at it says "Yep"


Ooh, I can totally relate. She's not even the type I usually crossdream myself as, but yeah.

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Feb 19 17 6:51 PM

A lot of the pictures we post here are of women in their 20's, perhaps even late teens, and I'm as guilty of that as anyone.  i saw this picture today, and a fellow group member thinks she looks maybe mid 40s...  which is just a few years of my real age;  Looking at her again, maybe a bit younger

And I'd be more than happy to look like this; I think its the way her breasts look,  def more middle  aged but still great


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