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Crossdream Life is a forum for real life crossdreamer experience, without any need for alienating scientific jargon and pseudo-Latin terms.

That being said, science does have an effect on crossdreamers, partly because 

1. it might help us understand our condition better,
2. others might use science to stigmatize and dehumanize us, 
3. science -- in our culture -- is considered by many to be more "objective" than philosophy, art, or real life experience, and we all have to relate to that,
4. and some of us actually find science very fascinating. 

The Crossdream Life Library (previously known as XDSC) is to be an arena for sharing research on transgenderism, transsexualism, gender issues and other related fields of exploration. It is for those of us who want to read and discuss science as part of our own studies, research or debate. 

Any member of Crossdream Life can access the library, but if you do, you must agree to use the scientific literature made available to you for study and research purposes only.  We consider the sharing of such material for joint study and research projects fair use. Still: copyrighted material shall not be distributed outside the forum, the documents shall not be published openly on the Web, and the files shall not be sold for commercial purposes.

To gain access to the library, do the following:

1. Sign up as a member of Crossdream Life

2. [Click on this link to access the library.] By doing so you agree that the scientific and literary documents provided and shared between the members of the Crossdream Life community, are to be used for study and research purposes only. They are not to be distributed outside the library, and are not to be used for commercial purposes. The only exception from this rule is material that has already been made public online with permission of the copyright holder. 

If you want to add a document to the library, send it as an attachment to crossdreamers@gmail.com .

It is easier to navigate and search the library if you click on the "Open in drive", button, although this requires a Google account.

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