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Despite the intensity of my crossdreaming during waking hours, it seems to be a different story when I’m asleep. In all my sleeping dreams, I can’t remember one where I was female-bodied (alas). In the most self-indulgent of them I’m a vastly more successful version of my daytime self – the man who always gets the girl. In the most troubling, I’m a teenage crossdresser who is rumbled when my parents unexpectedly arrive home early. (Never happened in life, thank goodness, but one of the ways in which my late parents continue to haunt my dreams.) Of course, we don’t remember all our dreams, but I think if I’d dreamt of total female embodiment while asleep, the experience would have been sufficiently striking and unusual to stay with me when I woke up.

Have other people noticed anything similar? I know we’re resistant here to the idea of diagnostic ‘tests’, but I have wondered whether this distinction could be a measure of where one is on the transgender scale. Freud spoke of dreams as the ‘royal road to the unconscious’. When the internal censor is switched off – or at least temporarily distracted – we may get a truer picture of our deepest motivations and desires. 

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Nov 22 16 5:32 AM

In my experience night time dreams are most often the minds attempt at digesting challenges and conflicts faced during the day time (Often with many years delay. I still dream about my college dorm days).

Given that those of us who are members in this forum consciously struggle with our gender variance on  a regular basis, I guess we do not have to work that much on this subconscioulsy during the night time.

That being said, I have had several sex change dreams over the years, although not on a regular basis, and I do not take them as proof of my female identity. There are other factors that make me believe in that side of me.

I have more dreams anchored in my ambigious sexuality. I suppose those may be related to my gender confusion as well. The subconscious mind hates neat and distinct boxes :)

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Nov 22 16 8:55 AM

My very first crossdreaming experience was actually a sleeping dream. This dream was repeated next night. I'm almost sure that this was some kind of message from subconsciuos, but this message can be interpreted in many different ways, and no one interpretation is better than other.

Night dreams are very random, most times i am female in my dreams, but sometimes not. Once I even have found a mistake in my work in a dream. And that mistake was real, to my surprise.

There is a conceptual similarity between human dreams and neural network dreams. Dreams definitely is a view into the mind, but they mixes patterns, symbols and memories in unique way.

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