Nov 16 16 4:58 AM

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Amanda Crose has an interesting article about how she feels sexually about her partner now that the spouse is transtioning.

The article confirms the argument made by some researcher that people -- or at least women -- are much more sexual flesible than most people think.

Amanda argues  that she finds her partner's new look to be "beautiful in the way I have always been able to find other women beautiful, but the attraction is deeper since we have an emotional connection as well."

She argues that the fact that she loves her and cares about her deeply translates into physical attraction.
=inheritI have a friend who identified her whole life as a lesbian, but fell in love with and married a man. I know a person who, after divorcing her husband, ended up in a relationship with her best female friend. I have multiple friends who left heterosexual marriages when they realized they were gay. I know other women like myself whose spouses’ transitioned genders, and who stayed =inheritpost-Gender Confirmation Surgery. I can’t speak to their experiences or sexuality, but I can say that I personally stayed because I loved my husband and I knew I could love my wife as well. My spouse, regardless of gender, makes me laugh, is kind to others, is politically active, shares the same political opinions as me, and has the same geeky loves as I do, including, but certainly not limited to, =inheritHarry Potter=inherit, =inheritStar Wars=inherit, and =inheritDoctor Who=inherit. We had a great life together and a beautiful son.=inheritI didn’t want to leave. And so, I stayed.
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Nov 16 16 1:59 PM

Indeed, human sexuality is much more flexible that we used to believe. Results of online tests clearly says: only 20-30% of people are really straight in strict sense of this word. For me such results have clear meaning: not only old beliefs of sexuality are wrong, but old framework is wrong as a whole.

Love is one of most powerful forces in the world, if not most powerful. And sometimes love indeed can change your secuality. Or ... can help you to explore your sexual flexibility.

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Nov 16 16 2:22 PM

This is a wonderful story of love... though it doesn't change my view that a TG woman who marries a woman in her male life can't EXPECT her spouse to stay on board... Its just lovely when it happens

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