Nov 15 16 3:25 AM

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Nadine over at Unordinary Style has crunched the numbers from the posts over at the Crossdressers.com forum and found that the majority of spouses of that forum's members are accepting the gender variance.
Of the 458 members I have included:

363 did not leave the relationship upon the reveal
280 are at least somewhat accepting
29 are in what is called a Don't Ask Don't Tell situation
45 didn't leave but are not accepting of the partner's gender variance
23 are accepting genetic women
74 are partners who left because of the gender variance
20 left but not because of the gender variance

84% of partners did not leave the relationship upon the reveal
74% percent of the partners are at least somewhat accepting of the gender variance, which could range from DADT to full inclusion and acceptance
68% would be considered to be openly accepting of their partner's gender variance
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Nov 15 16 11:41 AM

I know that a lot of crossdreamers have to be reminded of this, when the loneliness threatens to bring them down. There is someone for everyone if you manage to find them.

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Nov 16 16 2:48 PM

If the spouses social identity doesn't change, then this isn't so surprising... I wonder what the stats are for spouses of transitioning TG women

Note I ask this without any judgement.on either party.

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Nov 17 16 12:57 AM

I guess it goes to show that people are more accepting and understanding than we give them credit for, especially when the person in question is someone who is already emotionally invested in us. Our fears are often just a case of us projecting our own insecurities on other people.

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