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Nov 28 16 7:13 AM

Something I have always loved is if a girl is going about her business and her hair falls down over one eye. I think it can look very sexy.

Emma Stone in the movie Superbad captured this look perfectly.

(Ignore the fact she has a black eye. In the movie it's the result of accidently headbutting someone the night before.)


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Nov 28 16 7:24 AM

I love long, straight, shiny hair. The type you see in shampoo commercials. :-)


But also I sooooo adore sausage curls.

Actually, I have these exact ringlets for my doll wig. :-)


And it's not a thing anymore, but I loved the big hair of the 80s too.


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Dec 7 16 2:49 PM

I am afraid I don't know all the terminology when it comes to hair styles.  In fact, I just learned that what I call a regular haircut, actually is named a taper cut.

So please excuse me if I use the wrong name or label what I am posting wrong.  smiley: embarassed

I think the style I like best is called a long Bob or Sling cut.  Usually from the length of the shoulders to the armpits/bottom of the shoulder blades.  Kayla Tausche (I think she is pretty from CNBC is an example of this style:

c2bdcbd67e80947ab0d4bbdf3609c96f.jpgc_tausche_facebookipo_12050.blocks_desktRelated image

Here are some other pictures I found:

0d13370344f95a618a44d80e6d17ce7f.jpgImage result5f42e5fec91a46f8410ebf7b9b9e988f.jpg

I think when its long in front and short in back (some versions it looks shaved) they call it a sling bob cut.  Not sure:

This one is so long I am not so sure it counts as a bob anymore but I REALLY like it, especially the length:


I especially like the hairsytle when it is kind of a combination of straight hair and a ponytail.  Ehhh, I think it is called half up half down?  I don't think this example (the one on the left) is a bob but it does illustrate what I am talking about:


Seems to combine the best parts of long hair and ponytails (I love pony tails so long as they aren't directly on the top of the head-man bun style).

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Dec 7 16 2:56 PM

Deborah Kate wrote:
i love female hair.

i've seen an old ad for the film Hairspray - 'their world was in a mess, but their hair was immaculate.' brilliant! i so love that!

what is your favorite hairstyle, right now? you may have several, and it may change from day to day. that's part of the fun of girl hair, you can change style whenever.

me, right now -


oh delicacy! oh confidence! oh if i could have this behind my head, how different i would feel within my head.

and you? xx

I love that style though I have no idea what it is called.  I also like long and wavy hair:

2015-Prom-Hairstyles-Half-Up-Half-Down-PI love her hair. Sorry I colored out her face, but I hate putting familiar faces on my characters and her's was familiar. Any way, this is how I picture Blake's hair color and hair texture, but I imagine hers longer, like almost waist length or right under chest length.:img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=130729711

Josie wrote:
^ Oh, I love braids


Wow thats beautiful!!!

lal2828 wrote:
Not females here, but female hair and accessories, yes.

Proof that even guys can have awesome hairstyles, especially if they are characters in a fantasy setting!

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Dec 10 16 10:54 AM

Hello everyone,my name is John
& ya I just love long hair so my sister helped me in growing long hair. This forum contains some nice hairstyles. At times my hair gets messy & I think that I should get them short but my sister doesn't allow me to do that so can you suggest some good hairstyles or hair accessories so that I can tie my hair more perfectly ? You can check my hairstyle pic on my profile :)

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Dec 13 16 4:52 PM

Lass' lovely locks

I gravitate toward classy, retro 1950s/1960s style hairdos, like this Marilyn Monroe style, which I haven't yet found the proper name for:


This hairstyle is pretty much ideal, in my opinion:


These updo styles are also quite nice:


Here's a nice, short style, with light fringe bangs:


I like this particular Natalie Wood hairstyle a lot, a minor bob with a flip:


--As well as Diana Rigg's "Emma Peel" hair, which was a longer bob with a flip:


Of course, if I had longer hair like Natalie and Diana, I'd be wearing a '60s-style hairband a lot, a particular look of which I've always been fond of:


--Or I'd opt for this cute style of ponytail, which I guess would be pretty quick and easy to do:


I've also always liked Loni Anderson's WKRP IN CINCINNATI hairstyle, which must've required a lot of hairspray:


And the classic/modern side-swept curl:


If I had the ability to become the woman of my choosing, you could expect to see me in all of these, at one time or another. :)

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