Oct 11 16 11:54 AM

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i love female hair.

i've seen an old ad for the film Hairspray - 'their world was in a mess, but their hair was immaculate.' brilliant! i so love that!

what is your favorite hairstyle, right now? you may have several, and it may change from day to day. that's part of the fun of girl hair, you can change style whenever.

me, right now -


oh delicacy! oh confidence! oh if i could have this behind my head, how different i would feel within my head.

and you? xx
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Oct 11 16 12:39 PM

^ ^ ^ I like it. That hair color is fabulous. 

Hmmm...good question. Yeah, this is one that can definitely change based on mood. 

In general, I would say what Genesis Rodriguez is working with here. You can easily doll it up for the right occasion, but on lazy days you can just throw it back in a ponytail without a care in the world.


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Oct 12 16 12:30 AM

Thank you, Deborah! Can't believe we waited so long for making a thread on something as indispensible as hair!

If you want to know a favourite hairstyle of mine you need go no further than to check out my profile picture:

I'm big on updos:



I love the way ChaCha DiGregorio dons her disco slut hair. So f***ing me:


But I'm also a fan of 70's windswept hairdos, as worn by Jaclyn Smith:

But these updos are the best: image

Other than that I'm totally into most hairstyles from the 30's to the 50's. Hairnets and all!

Oh, and I like 80's pompadours too, but I couldn't find any really good photos of it.

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Oct 13 16 8:47 AM

My 5 cent for this topic. 
Initially it was one of the most disphoric point for me, my male hairstyle. but during the life, i growh up it fo make my hair more feminine, and surprisingly find, that it is my most favorite part of the my body. It really helps me, to increase sef-perception of my pass.
 it is looks some-thing like this

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Oct 14 16 9:47 PM

Nice hairdos. This is a style Monique would wear now and again. Perfect with a short and tight, shoulder padded furcoat jacket for example. Or why not a bright red vinyl leatherjacket? Don't mind the rest of the fashion shoot, since it's a little weird. For instance, I would never ever wear fingerless gloves! Not to mention a dress that someone's been writing shit all across. Just not my sense of style.


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Oct 18 16 10:20 PM

Cheryl Sussex wrote:
Male hair becomes softer with estrogen.

Maybe that explains why mine is so soft. Estrogen levels I don't know, but a couple of years ago it was clinically established I suffer a huge deficiency in testosterone.

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Oct 26 16 11:04 AM

lal2828 wrote:
Hmmmm....no, Monique.  Do the hair in your avatar, not the one above, dear.  No, no, no.


But I like it. Why not? image

I'm actually big on 40's inspired stuff. And I like it a bit on the bizarre side. Honestly, the first time a saw a photo of Dita von Teese, my reaction was: "Seriously, that lady just knicked my favourite movie star hairdo!"


Ah, but never mind. Whatever. It's not like I would would wear my hair like Rachel in Blade Runner all the time.


But sometimes I think the above might look nice along with a plastic apron doing the dishes, just waiting for my man to come home. image

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Nov 20 16 5:42 AM

^ that's lovely, Barbara!

when i was a child i think i was envious of women going to have their 'hair-dos'. such time and money devoted just to looking pretty. having my hair cut as a boy was a horrible experience. i would hate to have a (non-camp) man cut my hair now.

here's my hair-do for the day:


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Nov 23 16 2:28 PM

Barbara & Josie, oh you too both look really stunning! soooh beautiful. i'd feel upstaged going out for the night with you two, but nevertheless, lets make this a braid party


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Nov 23 16 3:21 PM

I grew up in the heart of the hippie era, and that has had some influence on my style. In that time, it was common for young females to wear their hair long, down, and straight. Jenny from "Forrest Gump" really exemplifies that look. It's interesting to me that my current style is very close to that now.


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