Oct 9 16 3:24 AM

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I have posted a short blog post on the female to male transgender poet Max Wolfe Valerio and his book The Testosterone Files.

Max writed vividly about childhood crossdreaming fantasies, in his case focused on muscular superheroes:
"I want to look like these superheroes -- muscular, svelte, great in tights and a synthetic bodysuit! I spend hours drawing their perfect, well-muscled forms, contemplating with awe what it would be like to possess their agility, speed, fantastic legs, and great biceps. It's the same excitement that I'll feel overtake me when I run across ads in magazines where a confident, brawny muscleman tells all the ninety-nine-pound weaklings of the world that they can get great bodies and wow the chicks. How could I have that? There must be a way. I want it so much I could burst. 

"And I look and dream, counting up my allowance to that I can send away for one of those muscle-building manuals. I'm not completely aware that I'm in actuality -- a little girl. A girl with long, thin legs and cat's eye glasses, transforming herself into a muscleman in her imagination. The possibility feels so real, I barely realize I'm imagining it."