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Sep 30 16 11:58 AM

I've read posts like this before ; Without reading this one all I can say is I've read enough accounts from people whose SRS has brought them just what they want to believe it s the right approach for some people

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Oct 1 16 8:09 AM

Without reading this one all I can say is I've read enough accounts from people whose SRS has brought them just what they want to believe it s the right approach for some people

The research says as much, as well. I guess Clare's idea here was to bring some more sense of realism as regards the expectations some have to the end result. That's fair.

It is interesting to see how people reacted to this over at reddit/transgender. Half got furious. Half just shruggend and said "what else is new"?

I am glad it is possible to discuss the problems of being transgender now, without gatekeepers and trans purists using it to disqualify and invalidate trans people who do not follow the "classical transsexual" narative.


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Oct 3 16 9:00 AM

I think everybody who goes down this path is perfectly aware of the limitations of what they are acquiring. The outcomes here vary considerably, and some surgeons are just better than others. There also appears to be some trade off between cosmetic appearance and functionality. If sensation is the most important thing, Dr. Supporn in Thailand comes highly recommended. His procedure really emphasizes preservation of the nerves. I haven't yet decided whether I am going down this path, but if I do, I would want sensation to be the number one priority. I have read some accounts by post-op girls who have described mind blowing experiences. I have read of others who were rather disappointed. Everybody is different. I believe a big part of the gate keeping is there to see if the person wants to be the opposite sex so much, that it is worth a disappointing result in a sexual performance sense.

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Feb 3 17 10:37 PM

I have been following the thread of this article for a few years now. The author makes some very interesting assertions about the state of gene therapy and regenerative medicine that is of interest to the transgendered.


It might actually be possible to have the reproductive organs of your true gender and not in 20 or 30 years... by 2020 perhaps?

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Feb 4 17 7:42 AM

That 'hplusmag' article was something I found linked to from somewhere else back in 2013. 
Strangely after that it seemed to get the 404 treatment, but perhaps it's back now. 

Anyway, I guess it kind of illustrates the sort of vicious cycle of transition chicken we seem to be trapped in. 
We want to transtion to be as passable as possible, once we are old enough and self-sufficient enough to afford it, and having the surgery privately is very expensive so that may take a long time, but it's important to begin before we start to deteriorate physically so much that we are no longer attractive. 

The longer we wait, in theory, the better the advances in medical science, the less it matters about getting older before transition as all that super-duper future tissue engineering nanotech stuff will be able to fix us up and make us look like hot 20 year olds even if we're 60 on the inside. The longer we wait, the more we can earn before transtitioning, the more chance there is of our actually being able to afford this kind of tissue engineering nanotech stuff, when it inevitably becomes available. 

If we go in for a career in science first, we might even be the ones to help develop the super-duper tissue engineering nanotech to make our dreams come true, which will make it all the more worthwhile, and we'll be able to help out the younger members of our community so they can transition sooner and better than we were able to..

Or we just get to 40+ years old, realise that super-duper tissue engineering nanotech is not actually right around the corner, its not just still 10-15 years away, it's just overhyped fodder to sell science-porn to emotionally immature, terrified, 'autistic'/AGP geeks, in magazines who's actual primary purpose is not so much to report on the latest developments coming out of the labs, but to sell other ads for really expensive watches and whiskeys and further advertise expensive PhD programs and so forth, which in turn are really designed to attract more attention and funding to the universities in question, and more pay to their senior administrators, not to produce any actual radical advances in science, at least not of the kind we are hoping for within our lifetimes. 

Then we wish we'd had a bit more sense back in our early 20s, to have actually taken the plunge and transtioned then, with whatever technology was available at the time, so that we might already be where we wanted to be in life and happily married, rather than overweight and balding and still pining for a future that looks more and more uncertain by the day. 

Ah well..

Oh yeah, and while we're digging ourselves deeper and deeper into fantasies of stem-cell reprogramming, well those other members of our community, at the other end of the economic scale, that we don't like to think about so much, are still somehow making do with paying a few bucks to have their butts pumped full of silicone or even cement which is really posionous to their entire system..
Do we actually care about the plight of other transsexuals, as those rich magazine publishers and university administrators sure don't, unless they are closet tranny-chasers.

The world truely sucks sometimes, I just want out..

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Feb 4 17 1:58 PM

A favorite transphobe talking point is: "DNA never lies", meaning that no matter how successful HRT and various surgical procedures are, you will still have the chromosomes of your birth sex. Of course, you also won't be able to reproduce in accordance with the sex with which you identify. For the transphobes, that is the end of discussion; nothing else really matters. What they don't get is the fact that none off that is relevant to the trans. We are operating in another dimension that is not about biological reproduction. We are in this to create a physical presentation that fits with our souls, and in that regard, nothing else matters.

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Feb 4 17 2:34 PM

At some point it just becomes an exercise in arguing semantics about abstractions. 
" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Yes, brain wise she is 'biologically female', if not chromosomally or anatomically.
So anyone saying that that doesn't really make her able to call herself a 'woman' is arguing about an abstract concept they themselves don't really understand, which is the same as saying that someone with CAIS is not really a 'woman' because they weren't born with the right chromosomes or a uterus, when to them it's just more of a birth defect, not a defining category. 

Oh, and I'm far enough over the line that I'm probably more feminine eventhan the creator of the video 

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Feb 8 17 5:30 PM

If the first person on this video really doesn't give a F***k why has she taken many minutes from her day to plan and make a video having her go at defining other people.. she needs to get her head sorted.... I'm not sure I care myself what someone's Chromosones are; if he or she wants to adjust their appearance to more 'fit in' with the gender they were not born as and that makes them HAPPIER - then I will always respect that, as I will if someone wants to appear androgenous

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