Sep 1 16 3:56 AM

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trans is my dance, trans is my partner, trans is me, dancing.

trans tempts, lures, beguiles, teases, evades, vanishes and reappears, beckons, beckons...

trans twirls, pirouettes, embraces, sweeps up, almost lets go...

trans is graceful, elegant, powerful, vulnerable, nimble, reckless...

trans and me, who leads, who follows? whichever, we dance...xx
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Mar 13 17 9:23 AM

loved your poem about dancing, i feel the same, i do not like static poses but extatic dance, deep grooving mooving is my thing, for sure!
i am getting ready to build my own dance studio, with morning light, bars, fresh air and a clay floor. And a place to set up my stereo and now on to making my dance tapes, with a lot of afro cuban, african, and of course some bobby brown!
you have any recommendations, are you also on spotify?

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