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Dec 22 16 5:29 PM

If you see me on the road tonight at about 1am in downtown Scottsdale, I will be driving something that almost exactly looks like the following. But I will have the top down (the car's top, not my own) so my long blond hair flows in the breeze. I do that even when it is ridiculously cold by Phoenix standards as tonight will be. The chances are about 50/50 that next to me will be a bunch of drunken tourist guys in one of those open air golf cart taxis we have here. They always want me to turn and smile at them. Thank goodness for dark night and lots of tequila to dull the eyesight, otherwise they may figure it out that I am more than old enought to be their mothers.


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Dec 23 16 1:20 AM

Usually this:)))

Some-times this

aaand some-times this cuteness ^__________^

But if about car... I completely not intersted in driving, even still have not driver license...I'm just little bit fascinated by design of classic retro cars, but not so much.

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Mar 1 17 2:23 PM

2015 Ford Focus, Titanium -- sun roof, leather interior, etc.

2010 Harley Davidson Street Glide -- set up like an Ultra

2009 Harley Davidson Sportster -- "Nightster" 1200 cc,

2016 Arctic Cat Alterra, 700 cc, power steering, winch, HD bumpers

2008 Mazda Pickup -- same vehicle as a Ford Ranger

3 surfboards, 2 kayaks, tenor saxophone, 7 bicycles, 3 dozen firearms

-- And the house is paid off too!

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