Aug 4 16 12:51 PM

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Hey ladies! Got any wheels?
Just curious what kind of car your inner female would drive in an environment of choice, if you could choose whatever you fancy. It's of course entirely allowed to reply none: I prefer my husband take the wheel, or, where I'd like to live there are no cars, so I stick to the Hansom Cab.
Personally, I must admit that I've long been pretty weak for the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. You bet as soon as you get into that car, the rest of the world will turn totally neon and Technicolor also. And yeah, I so do need it to fetch the groceries, not to mention friday's visit to the beauty parlour. It's just so me! N'est-ce pas?




Please add in your own favourite car or means of transportation to this thread! I'd love it if could serve as a small vehicle of fleshing out your own vision of yourselves, so we all could get a precious glimpse into your lush crossdreaming dreamworlds, my dear sisters! image


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Aug 4 16 2:19 PM

My reality:
I don't hate it.  It's fast, effective, and efficient......but the vehicle is not my own.


My dream for myself:
Easy parking.
(I am 5 foot 2 inches.)

My fantasy with a husband:

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Aug 4 16 4:22 PM

Haha, cool!

Let's see: Glossy sexy batsuit... the Batmobile... Gotham... The New York Subway through what appears to be The Bronx... Yeah, you were from New York, New York (the real Gotham City), right?

There seems to be a common thread here.

In fact, I don't hate it either. On the contrary, you could almost call me somewhat of a subway romantic...

(Beware: Massive Camp Warning issued!) But it's Blondie so I couldn't resist. image

And that goes for Elevated and trams too. Although where I live we only have trams.

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Aug 5 16 12:04 PM

I do drive a car, to get around. I can find driving quite relaxin once I get out of town - BUT I have no interest in cars at all - I was once asked this question by a male acquaintance - Not a close friend, A pleasant chap I don't have that much in common with - and I can't remember what I said and I hope I wasn't rude - but there isn't a single question that makes me feel more non-male' than this.... Maybe it shouldn't. I mean its only stereotype that says cars are a 'Man' thing... I just got into a way of thinking that says small talk about cars is a male thing and I just can't do it

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Aug 7 16 10:47 AM

Oh, I see what you mean, Pip. Didn't even think about that. *lol* In that sense, sure I agree. If some bloke in RL comes up to me and starts talking carburetors or the latest BMW, I go into a panic fit as well. As Monique, I wouldn't even get out of the car, just roll into the gas station and demand somebody "Fill her up!". In "the 50's" there are service personell who do that sort of thing, you know. Invariably male creatures. Hell, in RL, I don't even have a driver's licence! :D

It doesn't have to be a car! It could be this sort of thing. It's more about your ideal environment and lifestyle:


To tell the truth, to me, a Roman litter would be a strong competitor to the most chrome laden gas guzzler. I'd relish the thought of having a studded quartet of devoted slave flunkies carry a pampered, delicate me around at the whim of my jewellry laden, weak-wristed direction. image

But I don't know. The thread was just on a whim. Whatever. Nevermind. *lol*

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Aug 8 16 6:44 AM

Me and cars don't mix, my father gave me a car when I was 14 expecting me to be all over it, it sat on the drive for a year before he got rid of it,, used to look under the hood to show interest look at the engine go wtf and then shut the hood and go back inside lol.

But didn't pass my test till I was 23 and got my first car a year later which lasted two weeks before I blow the engine, had a few more which went the same way before I eventually got company cars for 15 years so didn't have to worry. Now having my own again starting the same issues they are lasting just under a year., they been in and out of my local garage getting fix Sorry I drive fast so they just can't handle me, but I would love to have a pink car don't know why but the wife is dead against something like that on the drive lol.

But I am with Deborah would prefer a horse used to love riding horses in my teens.

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Aug 8 16 7:42 AM

I think I would go with picture# 2 though I like the looks of #1 as well.

I am also not much of a car person.  As a teen I actually didn't want to take drivers ed because I knew my family would use that to become their personal chauffeur and delivery boy (GIRL).

Which is exactly what happened.

Perfect vehicle....mmmm I guess I would want something small and not very attention seeking.  So maybe something like this:

Anyways, I drive a frost silver 2001 Grand Marqui LSE.  If I had to get another car honestly my main concern would be something that is durable and will last me another Decade and a half without breaking down like this one has.

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Aug 8 16 3:03 PM

Don't know where the images are from, but by looks alone, number 4 or number 5 most definitely. Perhaps more likely # 5, even though the dolma worn by # 4 is quite elegant.

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Aug 9 16 3:25 AM

ooh lovely pix - thanks Jack! xx

nice threads like this are such a relief from all the heaviness. just identifying with a pic is great. no need to bother with yet another caption story rehashing the same essential plot.

definitely no. 2 for Debs! xx

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Aug 9 16 11:34 AM

In real life I don't have any kind of driver's licence. I don't even ride bicycle. Not with my luck.

In my fantasies I drive or pilot all kinds of stuff. Run faster than sound or fly.

When i was a kid I dreamed of cars, like Ferrari Barchetta or Lamborgini Diablo. I'm still love this kind of style and love, that more and more cars of 21th assume curvy, cool features. 


My gender doesn't matter for that point. I like to be passenger. Maybe, if I'll have enough money Tesla car will self-drive me wherever I want in the future.

My dream machine is not just a car. It's a plane as well. And a boat. And spaceship. And mecha. And live sustaining body armor. And a giant city, invisible, hidden between dimensions. And time machine. And it has sentient AI. We are friends... Unless we really need to traverse conventional spacetime, we teleport faster, than light and causality be damned. smiley: tongue

Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

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Aug 11 16 12:14 AM

I am worn between 1 and 2, I think #2 has it because it kind of matches me. Same kind of legs yes was lucky to be born with female looking legs always get good comments about them but that's with other trans friends, and the hair style is the same wig style that I wear. But had to think hard because I love the dress in #1 which isn't fair.

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Dec 11 16 6:38 PM

I drive a red mustang convertible but I want my next car to be a Land Rover Range Rover. I think it is a very feminine car that will be easy to drive my daughter around in.

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Dec 12 16 1:40 PM

Gosh, I really don't know how to answer this. The car I have now isn't great, but it's functional and gets me where I want to go. I would like to have something nicer, but I'm not much of a car enthusiast and don't really have a dream car. I've never driven any higher end cars before so I don't even know what I would like other than looking online at photographs.

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Dec 18 16 1:05 PM

I upgraded this year from an '07 model to the 2014 one, as I had nearly 100,000 miles on the last one and it was getting quite expensive to maintain.
It's not my dream car, but it's quite cool, well cool-ish. It has a built-in screen and bluetooth to talk to my iPhone, so it's a bit of a step up from what I had before, and I'm on a service plan, and it's still under warranty, and it has far fewer scratches, and other really boring things like that..
It's not like I've ever cared that much about engine specs so forth, but nowadays I seem to be a real airhead when it comes to mechanical things..
I still know quite a lot about computers, honest..

Fantasy wise I always fall for the cool concept ideas that never turn up in reality.
Like when I was a teenager I assumed we would be quite used to seeing things like this by now.
But it still doesn't exist, yet..

Nor does this one from 2009ish which I thought was really cool looking at the time..

In terms of achievable aims, well actually I always liked the shape of the Mercedes A Class, maybe more the older models than the new.
I could probably afford one of those, but I'm not sure how well I'd actually fit into it right now..

Where is my Minority Report car that can drive itself up the sides of buildings? 
Not that I actually go into a major city much, so I guess it doesn't really matter either..

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