Jul 9 16 12:44 PM

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I wasn't happy with Ajax chat at all. It's only positive feature is that it's here and it's not very high grade. It's hard to read through, it relaunches page after long pauses and wipes contents completely, it is incomatible with most of AdBlock browser applications, etc.

So I started new chat at Telegram. Turned out it has it's own cons, but in a long run, pros are overweighing (at least). 

  • It runs much better than Skype. 
  • It's not Skype.
  • You can run it on tablet, smartphone, as desktop application or in browser application.
  • It stores chat history, compared to Ajax.
  • It looks better visually.
  • You can reply to posts, edit, delete, forward. 
  • You have stickers, smileys, a lot of fun stuff.
  • It is protected, better than Skype: Telegram - FAQ - Security
  • It works like Viber, if you know what it is.

What you do need to know before you sign up on Telegram:
  • It doesn't have voice chat function. At all. Only texting or sending individual voice messages.
  • It requires your cell phone number to sign up. It's not impossible for Telegram to sell it to ad company, but in my opinion - unlikely. Yet it's your choice to make.
  • You have to create your username manually (in your profile's settings) after your account created to avoid other people knowing your phone number, when you start personal chat with them.
  • There is uncomfortable feature, that if you have your phone number shared with someone you have in your phone's contact list you will be automatically have that person on your contact list and vice versa if and when they or you got their Telegram account. As much as Viber does. It's not that they'll see whom to and what about your talking over Telegram, but if you do worry of that occurence, don't make your username and avatar a something, that might compromise you.
  • Vice versa, you don't have to put your real name, when Telegram asks for it.
  • I don't want to leave a Chat link publicly to avoid rampaging trolls and other unsavoury individuals. But you're free to ask it here or via PM from me or other people, who'll have it (Like Jack, I don't know if he'd decide to join, but I gave him a link). 

That covered, you might learn everything you want about Telegram here (FAQ) and here (WIKI) or by looking into your account settings. There's a lot of features and settings you might want to use.

If you have even BETTER suggestion, post right away and will discuss. Yet I do think, that Ajax chat is huge pain in.. certain place. 

That's all, for now.

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