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Apr 26 17 9:39 AM

Monique wrote:

April wrote:The transphobs are now equating trans to being a "cult" and an "ideology", that has become "trendy". They say that the medical and behavioral health practitioners have gotten caught up in political correctness, and are now pushing every child who is even slightly gender non conforming into a transition path. The transphobs don’t really believe that such a thing as a trans identity even exists.

Problem is there is at least some truth to it. 20 years ago, trans wasn't a political issue and there was no "TQ" in LGBTQ. Then the social justice warrior left approbriated it and made "trans" a cause of theirs. Consequently, the fundamentalist Christian right (unfortunately also spilling over into the radical right and what's now called "redpillers" etc) has to attack it, turning trans into a battlefield. It's all very unfortunate.

Trannie stuff used to be about glitter, champagne and ostrich feathers. I wish I could have stayed in the 80's. image

Monique, I must have missed that previous open and wonderful era for trans people (much sarcasm intended). Blaming the trans social movement for evegelical and right wing transphobia is like blaming 1960s civil rights protesters for getting themselves killed for speaking out against segregation. The trans community is tiny and very weak in comparison to the rest of the LGBTQ. It's only through a broader fight has things moved forward at all. Until now, this have been limited to just the most urban parts of America. I can feel somewhat safe in a diverse urban environement, but go outside any of those areas, and the views on most social issue haven't changed much at all in 50 years, and those views include the most vial beliefs about the trans. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be trans and live in such a community. 

Yes, I do believe that there has been a pushback of sorts by the evangelicals and other social right wingers. For most of the last half century there has been a ongoing culture war. The preachers seem to need a never ending battle with the forces of darkness to keep people in the pews and to fill up the collection plates. If a boogyman doesn't exist, they will create one. For a while, that was femininism, and then it becaome gay rights, but the evangelicals ended up losing both of those. They therefore needed a new boogyman, and have found one weak enough to push around with trans people. With Catilyn coming out, as well as the media attention given to trans issues in general, there is suddenly this new awareness that trans people might even exist in "God's countrry". Cue up the preachers, it's time to whip the transphobs into a lather. We trans have how become the new moral panic. We are out to seduce your children, and to weaken American values. That's what's going down now. But we are not going back into the closet so otthers can live in a black and white world.

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May 12 17 5:43 PM

Another quite interesting one here:

How Conversion Therapy Bans Will Trap Transgender Children

I don't entirely agree, obviously this one is coming from the '4thwavenow' type perspective.
I am a bit uneasy of pushing this thing so hard into schools though. Probably only about 1:100 would really benefit from transitioning, and only after serious thought, so why go so hard on the bathroom issue at that age and so forth. With blockers and a zero-tolerance thing on bullying I'm sure the rest could be left till you are 18+ and are really really sure. So maybe I'm siding more with Blaire White on that one.
It's kind of a mess that being on lupron and thus skipping the 'balls dropping' stage of male puberty then makes any potential SRS that much more complicated. You essentially trade off superficial passability above the belt, facial and body hair, maybe brow ridge, Adam's apple, etc. depending on how long you leave it, for eventual half-decent functionality below it.
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The activists do seem to gloss over a lot of the unsolved or as yet unknown potential serious medical complications, it isn't actually all that well understood, and lupron seems to be incredibly expensive to provide as well. Which is cheaper? Lupron at 12-16/18, or more complicated FSF at 25? Which should be funded by the state? 
The government might be expected to help keep you healthy, but it can't be expected to guarantee that you will be conventionally attractive as well. Some people get by on looks, some are expected to use their brains a lot more, some just get trampled on I guess, it's rather Darwinian. 
Basic HRT may be necessary for maintaining mental health, but I'm not really saying things like FSF or breast implants should be provided by the state when they are cosmetic, and SRS may not be necessary or even advisable for most if you could reduce the social stigma of having a mixed sex body as an adult,  but then you are back to 'The Crying Game' type situations. 

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