Nov 19 15 4:58 AM

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So, now, when we're on new platformm could you check if you integrate something, like 'likes' module in here? No that 'carma' nonsense. Only 'likes'. The more the merrier.

Something, like this: 
From left to right:
1. Like.
2. Informative.
3. Insightful.
4. Hugs.
5. Funny.

Or something simpler, at least, for starters. I tell you, it would be cool.

Of course, when (and if) you'll have time for fulfilling stupid requests. image

P.S. And that smile list needs updating. I mean, this stuff is ancient!!

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Nov 23 15 1:31 AM

Ok, Lefora support says that they have had a lot of requests like this one, which means -- I suppose -- that they are looking into it.

This is what they say:

"Currently one can only "like" the whole thread by clicking the kudos/points button. "

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