May 31 16 3:18 AM

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Co-founder Jason tells me he has had to take down the old Crossdream Life forum. We have copies of the whole site and I will try to find a way to publish the material as a historical archive a.s.a.p.

For the time being the old domain will forward vistiors to this site.

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Jun 1 16 6:34 PM

Ok thanks. 
Not that I'm that familiar with the process but I imagine it's possible to take a database dump of the whole site and restore it to another instance of phpBB on another server/hosting provider somewhere. 
Failing that there are probably some open source tools for digging into it and getting at the bits you want. 

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Jun 20 16 6:51 AM

I dunno, I must be quite paranoid etc. but I'm wondering, did he say that he had to take down the old site because someone asked him to, or because it got hacked / spam infected again, or because he just ran out of money with the old hosting provider? Coz I don't think there was really any reason for it to get anything like a DMCA takedown notice, or whatever. Did it have any 'memetic hazards' that someone wasn't too happy about? I'm kind of missing having access to the content though, I feel like I put a lot into getting all that research together and now I feel like I have nothing to show for it. It's not even in Archive.org or anything.

So if there is some way of at least getting the content back from a database archive or something, I can maybe extract what I need and host it somewhere else...


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Jun 28 16 1:16 AM

I believe this was a domain name thing. The database was NOT compromised.

I will try and get him to send me the relevant data files and come back to you on this Xora.

I have another solution that might be considered. I ripped the old site (or at least most of it), which may serve as a basis for an HTML archive. That would require som cleaning up, though.

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Jun 28 16 3:03 AM

Ok, Thanks. I am a coder (or at least I often pretend to be one in meat space.. ;-) ), so I might be able to help. I've not developed any websites as I'm mostly working on desktop GUI apps and their underlying libraries, but I've done some screen-scraping and HTML munging and lots of batch processes to trawl through GBs of data files and things like that, so if you have a dump of a bunch of static pages I can maybe write something to trawl through them, strip out the useful content threads, and reformat them into a non-interactive-looking static dump that's still link-navigable but doesn't look so much like a phpBB forum. Hmm, sounds quite fun actually.

I am supposed to be working on something else right now, but a bit of variety is always nice, and I seem to do better with less open-ended tasks in front of me.

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