May 1 16 4:35 AM

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For those of you who are statistically inclined, here are some statistics for the last three months.

The number of daily new posts have been going down somewhat, but I am not sure to what extent this reflects the actual activity level, as I have no stats on the number of replies/comments.

The number of daily unique visits is very high for a "long tail" topic like ours, and tells me that there are a lot of lurkers out there -- i.e people who are interested in what we are writing about, but who remains on the fence, reluctant to take part in the discussions. 

No one should feel obligated to sign up and comment here, but we may consider ways of making more visitors active members. New ideas are very welcome!

The number of page views is also high. As you can see, on average every visitor looks at three pages. That may be interpreted that many of them find the content here relevant to what they are looking for. That is a good thing!


(And no, I have no explanation for the two spikes above. The one on February 2 may have been caused by some rogue search engine robot, but I cannot tell. The statistics Lefora provides are pretty rudimentary.)
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May 4 16 11:33 AM

Jack,  This site is such a great resource and outlet for me and so many of us.  Thanks for all you do!

Does the stat on daily posts include comments and replies, or is it just new topics posted?

I was surprised at the high number of visits from people who have not joined.  Like you said, I do wish more of them would join and contribute.

Thanks,  Cindy

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