Nov 16 15 10:59 PM

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Crossdream Life was established in March 2011 by Jason and Jack as a forum for those that experience what has been called crossdreaming, crossgender arousal, female/male embodiment fantasies or "autogynephilia"/"autoandrophilia". These are all fancy words for the fact that some people get excited by the idea of becoming being the "other sex" (relative to their assigned sex at birth). Some also make use of a wider definition of crossdreaming, including other ways of expressing their gender variance.

Crossdreamers may identify as transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary, or think of themselves as straight, cisgender, people with an interesting kink. This is a place where all of them can explore this side of themselves and get help on their journey. 

You are now visiting the new incarnation of Crossdream Life. The first version is no longer active, but you can access the archives here!

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