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Sep 4 16 2:15 AM

Thnaks Jack; You know it was working for me this week cos we were in there together.. and it can't be everyone because the titel page is showing 2 people are in there

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Sep 5 16 12:26 AM

Message from Lefora Support:

You know, I am familiar with the problem that PipX has. Ask PipX to go in the room, then click the "Leave" button, then clear cache, see if that clears the problem.

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Sep 9 16 3:08 PM

I've cleared the cache in one of my browsers; and that let me in the room.. That said while I was in there Natascha came in, but didn't respond to my hello.. Maybe she didn't want to! Or maybe she couldn't see it..

Either way, The rooms not loading for me again, even in the browser where I cleared the cache.,

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Dec 4 16 3:13 PM

Id like to make 9pm NEXT Sunday UK time an official meet in the Chat room

That's 4pm NYC
3pm Dallas
1pm West Coast USA
10pm Oslo
11pm Kiev
6am Sunday Japan

Other times available on request

Open to suggestions on Theme

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Dec 11 16 8:17 AM

I will come.

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Dec 11 16 3:54 PM

Well people, at the maximum time we had 9 people in the chat, we'll have another one before Christmas. Maybe next Saturday at 11pm UK time s that's 8am Sunday Morning in Japan

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