Apr 8 16 9:22 AM

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The functionality of this forum is killing me. Like try adding links/images and the second you happen to click one of them, the whole message disappears... Or try link a YouTube video, and there's no way to actually get to YouTube for full screen viewing!

Is there any way to make this forum function like a normal forum? Copy/paste etc?
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Apr 8 16 10:36 AM

Yeah, this forum is not the most user-friendly forum in the world.  For instance, if you want to quote people you almost HAVE to work with the HTML code to get it to come out right.  Especially if you are like me and like to tinker with the font and color.

The best work around for the links problem is to check the HTML ever so often, and to constantly keep a copy of said HTML formatting on a word document before posting.  It is less than ideal to be forced to do that, but it can save you a few headaches.

I am far from an expert on these things, but I am a bit of a forum addict, and have learned a few tricks here and there and if I can help any of you I am more than willing to share them.

Almost everything I know about HTML coding can be found here:


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Apr 8 16 11:51 AM

I use HTML for my own forum but havn't tried using it to post here. I've found it helps to load any pics you might use in your post to your gallary first but that doesn't help if you decide later to include one..

Actually if I'm going to paste more than a few lines I type it up in word or notepad first so any mishaps doesn't mean I have to type again, just cut and paste again.

I've not yet found how to quote more than one quote in a reply. I guess to do that you have to get stuck into HTML as Vaydra suggests

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Apr 8 16 12:17 PM

Monique wrote:
"Copy and paste"?

How!? I can't even manage to do that!

This place is driving me nuts! image

Okay simply highlight any text that you want to copy and press ctrl and c at the same time.  This puts the text into you computer memory.  Now click where you want the text to appear and when you see the flashing bar hit ctrl and v at the same time and it should appear.  

Alternatively highlight the text you want to copy, then right click.  Select copy.  Click where you want to put the text you copied and right click again, and select paste.  Both ways will copy the text you want and paste it where you want.  

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Apr 8 16 2:07 PM

Well, the 'press ctrl and c' method actually works. The select 'copy' and 'paste' method that I usually employ does not.

Hm, I guess I'll just have to adapt and trial and error my way along... There seems to be a thousand litte 'issues' nevertheless.


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Apr 10 16 5:21 AM

The functionality of this forum is killing me. Like try adding links/images and the second you happen to click one of them, the whole message disappears... Or try link a YouTube video, and there's no way to actually get to YouTube for full screen viewing!

I have actually been in touch with Lefora regarding several of these complaints, and they have promised to look into them. Some have also been fixed. The most annoying one (that clicking on a link in a text you are writing deletes the whole text) has not been fixed. I will remind them.

My advice is that if you are going to write a longer post, use a text editor to do so. I use text edit on the mac. I then paste this into the window and add photos and videos afterwards.

When using copy and paste, you will see that the operating brings the text formatting with it. That might be what you want to achieve, but it can also be annoying. Sometimes it helps to select the relevant text and click on the Tx button. This will make Lefora remove the formatting. Or, at least, it will try to do so.

As for quotes: You can actually acheive what I did in this comment, without messing with the HTML code behind the screen. My tip is to make sure that there are additional lines before and after the quote before you select it and click on the '' button.  Even better: Put in some text after the quote before you mark it as a quote.

I have put up some posts regarding some of the most frequently asked questions here.

I will let Lefora know about this discussion.

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Apr 10 16 5:31 AM

As for embedded YouTube videos: 

You may right-click on the YouTube logo and select "copy URL" (or whatever your OS tells you to do). You can then paste that URL into a new tab/window.


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Apr 10 16 10:49 PM

The Lefora team has responded. They tell me that they are working on a new editor and hopefully that one will be ready soon.  

Anyway, they recommend that people who find the current default editor cumersome, should try the alternative WYSIWYG editor instead. They will take a look at the link click issue.

As for the youtube click on logo issue: This is not a bug, it seems. The argument has been that people may be confused if they click on the link and leave the forum. They are going to look at this one more time, though.

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Apr 15 16 12:08 AM

Great replies, Jack! Been working my ass off the last couple of days, so I haven't been around the forum.

I'll keep everything you wrote in mind and try to employ it as required. Cool that Lefora is open to improving their forum and not least the video linkage issue!

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Apr 16 16 11:17 AM

This board, so far, has been even worse for me, though not with the editing tools. After signing up and posting exactly once (the Diana Rigg/Edwardian fashion stuff in the 'Historical Gowns' thread in the 'Crossdreaming in Your Life' forum), I found that both my avatar and username were broken, and Lefora wouldn't recognize my username or password anymore to log back in again. I joined a second time, a few days later, and was similarly kicked out, while in the midst of composing my first post, in this very thread, with no ability to successfully log in again.

Is this all just a software glitch, or am I somehow not wanted here? I don't recall being deemed a troublemaker at the old Crossdream Life. I received no email messages from either Jack or Lefora, so I'm guessing its just some weird glitch. Hopefully, this post will make it through, and I won't have to re-join as 'Lassitude3'.

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Apr 18 16 9:55 PM

Lassitude, oh no! I so feel your pain and frustration!

Hope your original profile can be restored somehow so you don't have to have your name cluttered all over with digits.

BTW, you're very, very much wanted here!


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Apr 20 16 8:20 AM

I am sorry to hear this Lassitude. This should not happen.

I have checked with the moderator system and your new ID is up and running with the correct settings, as far as I can see.

However, I cannot find any Lassitude member, so I cannot see what happened here. 

I will let the admin people know. If you face any such problems again, email me at jack.molay@gmail.com

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May 1 16 1:09 AM

Orlanda wrote:
Two days ago, I tried to put a link to a YouTube video at a given starting time (&=#m##s). Whatever I did, the forum showed the beginning of the clip.

You won't be able to actually embed a video at a certain time because it will ALWAYS clip the end of it where it gives the time part.  For instance, trying to bring up a lady gaga video at time=57 seconds will do this:


Note that it cuts off the address at the end and shows it beside the video as :  ?t=57

The way to get around this is to take the video address on its own and put in the "t=57" after the "?" already in the video address followed by an "&" sign.  Here is the normal address of the video:


This is how you have to put it in:

Note that it will show as a hyperlink and not a playable video.  This is the best work around I think of to fix your problem.  For the record, this is not a Lefora only issue.  Many forums have this same problem and work around.

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