Apr 2 16 6:18 AM

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One of the moments, when i feel me totaly woman, and feel so huge empathy for all my friends here. Just i want, that all we can find harmony and be happy with what who we are. 
Just song, relate with my sensations
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Apr 3 16 3:38 AM

I would make a deal with God and get him to swap our places. If I only could...

By the way, DJ Magnet made a wonderful mash-up of this song with Placebo, Kate Bush and the Pet Shop Boys.


Gav Smith also did a mash-up take on this:

Here's the original. I can still remember the excitement of putting that 12" on the record table for the first time. I just love Kate Bush!

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Apr 28 16 10:03 AM


Thanks so much for sharing this...Wow...is about all I can conjure in this moment.  I have loved KB for ever...and this song has always been my favorite. I'm funny with music...the sounds and the words all blend into a tonal 'one' for me most of the time. So, lyrics...the meaning...the words themselves...often escape me. I know it is the video here that brings the words to life in a way I never had imagined. It made me smile...and while I have only just found this 'place' (Crossdreamlife), it feels familiar and safe and a gift to have found this connection to a song that has always resonated very deeply for me...especially the 'make a deal with God' chorus.

On a related note...it has always been the female voice that touches me Most deeply...to my soul...to the true me I have come to realize.  Kate has been one of my 'ladies of the airwaves' for over 30 years now.  I have made many many mixtapes and playlists featuring those many ladies who sing to me...to her...in our cross dreams.  They have accompanied me and been shared with mostly my male friends on many adventures over the years. They lull us to sleep at night...I have one friend who has come to expect these voices on our trips together.  I just know how they settle me...bring me into balance.

And this past week I have found myself in a similar place as I have bathed myself in the soulful and crossdreaming music of Prince.


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May 14 17 1:47 AM

I like this one
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It's like it shows how hard we have to work under the covers just to appear relatively 'normal' and competent much less confident on the surface... 

To make it through each day when it all feels wrong, and why does it all have to be so hard? Always on your guard about moving the wrong way, or expressing the wrong emotion, when so much of the time you just don't care any more..

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