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Mar 17 16 8:26 PM

I think I was born hard-wired to share a more masculine view of life and society.  It comes naturally.  I've been like this since small.  I've always considered it a compliment to be masculine, not, not, not, you know..like.......f....f.....f.....em......in...i.......st..

As to taking the role of men, you mean, attack-wise? That's actually a recently acquired taste when I met more and more dominating male-minded MTF cross/transsexuals.  Somehow, I absorbed their personality...... easily.  That also happened naturally.  But it's all a dream to be able to attack.  I'm petite in real life.  Check out my weak hands and small fingers (my icon pic and Youtube).  

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Mar 19 16 9:02 PM

Trade.....what? Body? Mind? Dungeon?

Personally, I think it's all about being a middle gender, an in-between, that's at the heart of it all.  It's the best.

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Mar 20 16 6:56 PM

Nooooooooo.  I love my cute female body.  The association with the male sex and masculine ideas are fine.  I play music with men and boys on Friday afternoons.  I discuss ideas with angry gay/bi men and transwomen on FB.  I'm happy.  The female sex is merely physical.  Feminism is non-existent.  Done.  

(Hmmmmm...maybe I should stick to the game thread.)

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Mar 21 16 9:47 AM

This makes sense to me. It is different from what I experience and long for, but it makes sense. Crossdreaming can also be about taking on the qualities of masculinity (or femininity), attitudes, expressions, opinions, and not a dream about having the body of the target gender.

I am more of a yin and yang kind of person, wanting masculinity and femininity to complement each other, if not in me, so at least in my community. But I admire and respect the idea of a woman allowing herself to be what she wants and need. We should all do that.

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Feb 14 17 5:10 PM

When I crossdream I certainly have a penis. I love it when I night dream and have a penis and can actually hold it or use it to have sex.

Now, I love being a woman too. I like going back and forth. I wonder if there is such a thing as "ambi-sexuality"?

Indigo Myst

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (Shakespeare, The Tempest)

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Feb 17 17 4:09 AM

The thread seems to be the discussion of one person's view of themselves and is none the worse for that, though even she seems fairly ambivalent about her body.... Or maybe its just realism that she isn't going to get the penis of her dreams. I guess I'm similarly realistic that I won't get a vulva though my dreams of a vulva go with the dreams for the rest of a female body too...

Feminism, for me, is a political thought that helps people reach their potential however they are born and however they present. I sometimes feel that people who say they don't like feminism have some other definition. By my definition I'm proud to be a male feminist

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Feb 19 17 2:41 PM

jackmolay wrote:

 I wonder if there is such a thing as "ambi-sexuality"

Bigender maybe?

Hmmm.  Cool term.

Indigo Myst

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (Shakespeare, The Tempest)

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