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You may  choose “insert image” from the tool bar in the text editor (that is the icon with mountains in it). Place your cursor where you would like the image to appear within your message, then enter the image web address into the URL field under "Image info".  Click “OK".

So what if you do not have a URL and want to upload the file to the forum?

Do the following.

ALTERNATIVE 1 (for the default Lefora editor)

1. Do not use the quick reply form. Instead click on the blue "Add Reply" button. If you are replying to an already existing post, click on reply.
2. Below the title field you will find a button marked "Show Albums". Click on it. (If you cannot see Show Albums, you will probably have to make an album. Use the procedure for Alternative 2 below the first time you add a picture).
3. Your photo gallery will now appear under the title field. You can select one of your albums and find a photo there using the pull down menu, or you can upload a new photo, using the "Upload" button. Select the album you want to put the image in, using the pull down menu. Do not use the "avatar" album for images like these.
4. Put the cursor in the relevant spot in the post and double click on the image you want to embed.

ALTERNATIVE 2 (works on both the default and the WYSIWYG editor)

1. Click on the link "Profile" at the top of the screen.
2. On your profile page click on "Photos"
3. Click on Create Album to make an album for images used in posts. Call it whatever you like.
4. Click on that album icon to open it. 
3. Click on the "Add an image/Drop images here" area. 
4. Upload the file
5. Click on the photo.
6. Above the photo there is a URL/web adress you can use when inserting images.

So, this is an image I have uploaded to my photo album, which is available here http://jackmolay.u.lefora.com/albumimage

You cannot upload video to Lefora (as far as I can see), but you may embed videos from YouTube: Click on the insert media button (the one with a note and a film), and copy paste the YouTube URL into the media URL field. Here I have used a YouTube video made by Felix as an example.

See also: How to upload a profile picture/avatar.

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